forever is a long time

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible.

Harry lives a secret life that not many people know about, Except for his coven; Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They are all apart of it. They do their best to keep it hidden, until on one dark and eerie night Harry was caught in the act, forever changing the poor life of Kristy.


21. for right now

Harrys pov After Louis told me not to come any closer I didn't hesitate to step back. It would be horrible if he injected her with his venom not only would she become a monster like us she would also lose all memories of us, me and I didn't want that. As I was backing off I noticed the boys moving in and Louis didn't seem to notice them he kept his eyes on me the whole time. Liam was the first to grab Lou he took hold of his neck while Niall and Zayn took hold of his arms Kristy stood up an ran right into my arms. "I want him out of this house I don't give a shit where he goes but he can't stay here he isn't welcomed anymore." She shouted while wiping tears off her cheek." So that's it, you guys are gonna pick her over me?" Louis asked. "It wouldn't have to be this way if you would just leave her alone." I snapped. "Fine anyone else choosing the blood bag over me?" He questioned. Zayn walked over to Kristy and I and stood right at our side. On the other hand Liam and NIall went and stood next to Louis. "I'm sorry mate I just can't leave him." Liam said sympathetically. Niall just shook his head in agreement with Liam. I couldn't blame them I would never think of turning against Louis that is until now, once he decided he would stop at nothing to keep us apart I had no other choice. "Hey Liam make sure you stay in touch." I said while pointing to my temple referring to using mind messaging."Sure thing Haz I'll keep you upated everyday, we will see ya around." He said and with that the three of them disappeared into the darkness slamming the door shut as they left. Kristys pov It's like no matter where I'm at I'm never save, even in my own house Louis tried to kill me. I'm still connfused at what Louis showed me about Harry, was he really using me just so he could breathe again or did I actually mean something to him. I would have to talk to him about that, and it's not like I can't tell if he's lying or not I remember Liam told me when his eyes turn dark green he is being honest. I really don't know how I feel about Harry at this point, I mean I know that I care about him and would never wanna see him hurt but I'm not in love with him. How could you fall in love living like this, maybe since Louis gone I could actually get close to him. I wonder what Harry would be like as a human would he be more gentle and loving or would he remain the same cold and heartless. After Being attacked tonight I decided I just wanted to take a shower wash away his touch. I walked over to Harry and Zayn watching t.v in my frontroom. "Hey boys I'm gonna take a shower I need to relax so I might be in there a bit, don't wait up." I said. "I'll wait it's okay I'm not really tired." Harry said but his eyes said other words. I just smiled at him. I made my way down the hall to the right and entered my bathroom. I turn the water on running my hand underneath it every so often to get it the right temperature, once it was I removed my clothes stepping out of my jeans first the removing my shirt. I stood infront of the mirror and realized I looked like a wreck. My hair was going in every different direction I had bruises on my wrist from when Louis grabbed hold of them I rubbed my fingers along the bruises and winced in pain. I didn't like the girl starring back at me I barely even recognized my refelction it was sickening. That was enough I stepped away from the mirror and removed my bra then, my underwear, and finally my socks. I stepped in to the shower just standing under the running water let it wash over my body, erasing Louis's touch. I stood under the water for a good 45 minutes it was so relaxing I decided I been in there long enough. I turned the water off, opened the curtain, and stepped out. I reached for my towel on the towel rack and wrapped it around my wet body. I didn't bring any clothes in I always like to get dressed in my room it was a habit really, plus i figured the boys would be asleep they looked exhausted earlier. I opened the bathroom door and made my way to my bedroom. As I stepped inside my room it was dark, my t.v was shut off and my window was opened a bit. I swear before I got in the shower my t.v was on so was my lights, and my window was clothes. I walked in anyways I decided I wasn't gonna fumble with trying to fight the light switch instead I turned my t.v on. I walked over to my window and shut it decided I wasn't letting go of this towel with the cold breeze coming through. As I such the window my t.v shut off. "You gotta be kidding me." I said out loud. Making my way back to the t.v I reached my hand out to turn it back on but was stopped by someone grabbing my wrist, seconds later I was pushed against the wall but not to rough. I felt the heat of someone's breath on my ear. "Does this look formilar." Harry said. I couldn't help but giggle remembering the night he took me. Harrys pov I was tired but I wasn't tired to the point where I wanted to sleep yet. Zayn and I were just watching t.v when Kristy came in to tell us she was gonna shower. Zayn passed out like 10 minutes after Kristy got in. I was bored with watching t.v so I decided to walk through her house. I came across a bunch of photos of her and other people there were alot of pictures of just her though, they looked professional, then it hit me before I took her she was a model that's why she said she had a great job. After looking at the pictures I walked down the hall stopping at the bathroom I noticed she was still in there due to the fact I could hear the water running, plus I heard her humming to herself I smiled while I lisened. After a bit I decided it was a bit creepy that I was listening to her shower so I made my way to her bedroom. As I was in her bedroom the memories of the night I took her flashed through my mind, that night was bitter sweet, I wanted nothing more then to taste her blood kill her and leave it at that, I never thought in a million yearsI would fall for her a human. I heard the water shut off in the next room. I decided to have a little fun, before she made her way back I quickly shut off the lights, the t.v and opened her window. I waited for her to walk in. I hid in the closet. I heard her say something but I'm not really sure what it was. I heard her shut the window and make her way back towards the t.v that's when I rushed out of the closet quietly so I could beat her back, when she reached for the power button I reached for her arm, I pushed her against the wall and brought my lips to her ear. I whispered. "Does this look formilar." I heard her giggle. I smiled hearing her giggle, knowing she wasn't mad or scared under my touch. I wanted to see if I could push the boundaries I cupped her face in my hands and brought my face closer to hers. "Ha-harry what are you doing?" She studdered. I didn't answer instead I pressed my lips to hers she looked a little taken back but eventualy gave in. She held onto her towel for dear life not wanting it to fall I smirked at the thought of he towel falling to the floor. I wouldn't mind. The kiss was getting pretty heated so I pushed even farther I ran my tongue acrossed her bottom lip asking for entrance, I felt her lips part. I slipped my tongue into her mouth I felt her soft wet tongue swipe mine we were going back and forth fighting for dominance. As we were kissing I walked her over to the bed laying her gently down. I made my way over her holding myself up by my elbows not once breaking the kiss. It was getting to be intense. I pulled away and looked at the beautful girl laying underneath me. "I can't do this, I know be both want it I read your mind, but I just can't I want it to mean something to you." I said. "Maybe when you fall in love with me." I told her. "Your not so heartless after all haz." She said. "No not too much." I said. "That's good to know." She told me. "Get dress and get some sleep." I spoke. "Okay. I stepped out of the room so she could get dressed, I was crazy for not fucking her right then and there I wanted nothing more then to feel her from the inside, I couldn't do that to her I want her to love me first. "You done?" I asked. "Yea." She answered. "Well I'm gonna go grabbed the other couch sleep tight love." I said. "Harry I want you to stay I fall asleep faster when you there." She told me. I didn't hesitate instead I walked over to her with a smile on my face. "Goodnight beautiful." I said. "Night hazza." With that I watched her as she fell asleep laying on my chest. For the first time in a long time everything felt right but I know this isn't going to last Kratos will be back eventually I'll start to miss the boys, yea even Louis but for right now I'm going to enjoy this. I slowly close my eyes and feel sleep take over.
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