forever is a long time

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible.

Harry lives a secret life that not many people know about, Except for his coven; Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They are all apart of it. They do their best to keep it hidden, until on one dark and eerie night Harry was caught in the act, forever changing the poor life of Kristy.


9. for now

Liams pov The boys and I could tell there was something bothering louis, we never go out hunting twice in one day not that I'm complaining or anything. I miss human food all the time I eat it but it's just not the same anymore it taste just like cardboard. I didn't choose this life it chose me unlike the guys I feel like I still have a heart that beats even though I know I don't I just feel like I do. Most of the time the lads are rough and slow with their kills me on the other hand I'm quick and easy I don't like taking another person's life it's not fair. That's why we try to feed on the old and weak, I like to give the young ones a chance at life. Zayn and Niall went off on their own, I decided to stay with Louis and try to figure out what's on his mind. I just hope this conversation is smooth sailing. "Hey lou wanna talk?" I said. "Not really I'm in a shitty mood don't wanna bring you down too." He replied. "No really mate It's fine talk to me." I stated." He let out a big breath and began telling me. "It's Harry, everytime we hunt he's ruthless he doesn't care so what's so special about this one?" He asked. I simply said " I don't know." He just shook his head and we continued to look for our meal. The truth is I know why Harry feels like he has to protect her, I felt bad for lieing to Louis but Harry doesn't even know what's going on with himself so I wasn't gonna blab to Louis without telling Harry first. Harry might of thought he was in love once before but the truth of the matter is he wasn't it was just pure infatuation. He's gonna realize that soon, right now he has some feelings for the girl he kidnapped but they were gonna grow and continue to grow. Harry found his true mate and he doesn't even know it, why because we all told Harry he would never love again thinking we were making it easier for him, but we just complicated it. I have to tell him soon before it's to late. Harrys pov After I told Kristy not to touch me I kinda felt bad, all she was doing was moving my hair out of my eyes. I have to keep reminding myself that she's food nothing more and that I eventually have to kill her. The thought of killing her pained me a bit. I sat straight up running my fingers through my hair in frustration what the fuck is wrong with me you're a killer Harry a damn killer I have to keep reminding myself that. Then I heard her soft voice "What's wrong?" She asked. I snapped back with. "Don't speak unless you're spoken to." She sighed. I so badly wanted to tell her everything, everything is wrong and I have no idea why. There's times I wanna rip her apart and then there's times I just wanna hold her and tell her everything is going to be okay but I can't because I know it's a lie. Kristy pov I decided I wasn't going to speak anymore Harry is scary and I don't want him to turn into a monster being so close to me, so I remained silent. As we sat there in silence I noticed Harry becoming antsy like he couldn't stay still. I didn't even wanna look at him but curiosity got the best of me and I looked over so that we were face to face, I noticed his green eyes were now red and his smile was replaced with an evil grin that showed his fangs. I remembered that he didn't feed today he was here all night watching me. That thought alone terrified me even more, it looked like he was fighting against himself not to bite me. Being the monster he is the fight didn't last long in a flash he was on top of me pinning my arms down. There was no point in fighting him off he would only get more rough and I didn't want that. He ran his fingers down my cheek to my jaw line and then down my neck just over my vein, he held his finger on my vein for the longest time as if he was feeling my heart beat, as Harry felt my heart beat under his ice cold finger tips I looked up at him our eyes locking I seen a flash of green and I smiled. I wasn't scared anymore and I have no idea why I wasn't, I just continued to stare at him. The longer I starred the more flashes of green I saw, I kept my eyes locked on his. As I did so I realized they were completely green again and his fangs were gone, but he still held my arms down. The next words came out as a surpise "It's okay Harry I want you to bite me." I was shocked how did I just bring myself to say that but for some strange reason I knew Harry wouldn't hurt me atleast not tonight.
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