forever is a long time

This is a dark and eerie fanfic it will include deaths, violence, cursing, and it will have sex scenes in it if any of that worries you or you have trouble reading stuff like that then this story is not for you but if you like stuff like that read this story I will try updating as much as possible.

Harry lives a secret life that not many people know about, Except for his coven; Zayn, Niall, Liam and Louis. They are all apart of it. They do their best to keep it hidden, until on one dark and eerie night Harry was caught in the act, forever changing the poor life of Kristy.


13. ain't seen nothing yet

Louis pov I told myself and Harry that, that girl will never love him it's not fair at all I knew what I was doing was wrong but I really didn't care why should he have another chance at life, what about the rest of us. Liam supposedly told him he has no control of it but I think Harry just wants to use this human for a chance at life and once he is alive again he will dump her like he usually does with females he isn't much of a carrying guy. In the long run I was doing him a favor and I'm sure he will thank me later for it but for now he will continue to hate me, just like harry will stop at nothing to protect her I will stop at nothing to keep them apart. I guess you could say I'm a little jealous I would do anything to live again, what we are is horrible no one deserves to live a life like this I kinda even feel bad for the girl Harry kidnapped but I was sticking to my monster instincts I knew right from wrong humans are food nothing more. if I have to keep controlling him he will kill her I will force him to. If he ever leaves her alone again he can bet on it that she will be dead, gone before he can get back to her. I'm mad at Liam for telling him the truth he should have just left it alone and let Harry believe he would never love again, he should have left him confused as to what was happening we all made a pact not to tell him and what does he do he goes and tells him what a softy I thought to myself. I'm even more mad that Liam is starting to bond with that thing am I think only one that sees her as food anymore I mean how could they not smell her, her scent is the sweetest smell to ever fill my ice cold lungs, give time zany and Niall will take a liking to her. Don't they get that other vampire could smell her, they will eventually find her I wouldn't mind if that didn't put us in dangerous they won't hesitate to kill us. My thoughts are getting to be a bit much I should go to sleep I thought. I made my way pass Harry who just gave me a dirty look I just grinned at him and went into my room, laid on my comfortable bed and let sleep take over me. Harrys pov Louis is such an asshole we used to be so close but now I don't know who he is anymore and I'm not quite sure if I want to at this point. I still can't believe what he made me do to Kristy I'm sure she would never forgive me I could always tell her what really happened, but I have no idea if she would believe me due to the fact of how I first treated her when I took her. I wonder what it would be like to live again would I enjoy it or would I like this life better. I would have to talk to Liam about that one I mean I know what it's like to be alive I just been dead for so long now and I'm not sure living is something I could handle but I want it. I wanna go back up to her room but I'm sure she wouldn't want me there I'm pretty sure that's the scardiest I've seen her if she wouldn't have said anything I'm afraid I would have killed her. There's still part of me that wants to feed on her I tasted her once and it was the greatest thing I have ever tasted. My thought were starting to driving me crazy I noticed Louis went to sleep so I stood up to make my way to Kristy's room I wanted a chance at explaining myself before Louis got in the way. I slowly pushed the door open she was laying there starring at me I could tell she was starting to tense up just by her stare. "Kris I'm not gonna hurt you I just wanna talk hear me out please I promise nothing will happen." I begged. "o- o-okay." she managed to get out. I didn't speed to her instead I took my time I didn't want to frightening her more then what she was. "What happened back there wasn't my fault you gotta believe me Kris I swear it wasn't me." I pleaded. "It was you Harry I seen it with my own two eyes I know who was on top of me ripping my clothes I know who I was begging for them to stop." she basically whispered. "I know what you saw but it wasn't me doing it I don't know if anyone told you or not but we have abilities you know because we're vampires." I reassured her. "What do you mean abilities she said. "Well Liam and I could read minds I'm also the strongest out of the boys, Niall as the ability to teleport so when someone goes to attack him he can just move and dodge it, Zayn has the ability to see in the future like future attacks or where his next victim will be and Louis I spat his name he has the ability to run faster then us making it easy to catch his victim he also has the ability to control people." I finished. She stayed silent "What I'm trying to tell you is Louis made me do it I had no control over myself and I don't blame you at all for saying you will never love me who would I'm a monster I god damn monster." I said running my hair through my curls she still remained silent. "I'll just go I'm sure you don't wanna be around me I don't blame you for that either I got up to walk out of the room. "Harry." she called out stopping me in my tracks "Yes" I asked. "You could stay." she said. Kristys pov I don't know what I was doing or thinking when I told Harry he could stayed I also didn't know if I believed him I would check with Liam later on just to make sure. I felt sorry for him for once I seen sympathy in his eyes almost like he cared about me but I knew he would never he's dead he has no emotions. "Can I ask you something.' I said. "sure I feel like I owe you something anyways." he answered back. "Does your eyes always turn colors I seen them red and I know that's when you get hungry but earlier they were black and when your not hungry they're bright green as in you full I know that much but right now they are dark green so what does they black and dark green mean." I asked. "Well when they turn black that means I'm angry like beyond and dark green you asked?" he questioned. "Yes dark green." I replied. "I'm not really sure they have never been that color before so I have no idea what it means. "Oh." I said. thinking that's weird to myself. We laid there in silence for a very long time before he broke it. "I want you to listen to me okay?" he questioned I shook my head yes for him to continue on. "I want you to stay with Liam, he is the only one Louis can not control because he is a creator if you stay with Liam myself and the other boys can't hurt you no that I think any of them want to except for Lou but it will keep you some what safe and when Louis isn't around anymore I will come around maybe so we can get on good terms." I told her "Look I'll stay with Liam only because it keeps me safe but I don't want you coming around me you do nothing but hurt me and I terrified of you I'm even terrified right now for telling you this but I have to say Harry you ruined everything I had a great life I had a loving family and great friends my job was great, I never even got to say goodbye to my family you know how bad that hurts Liam told me you went through the same thing so why do it to me, I would much rather if you just stayed away from me please." she practically begged. Harrys pov "Fine maybe I should just let Louis have his way with you let him kill you end all this bullshit I don't know why I'm trying to full myself I know for a fact this will never work you forever hate me and I'm fine with that just know this Kris forever is a long fucking time." I shouted at her. No matter what I do I will never be good enough for a human we're completely different she's the mortal enemy and I'm done keeping her safe she wants to act like a bitch that is how she's gonna get treated if she thought the way I treated her before was bad she hasn't seen anything yet
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