Family Holiday

Sarah is angry, stressed and annoyed. Anybody else would be mega excited if they were jetting off to Paris, but with her family, that's hard. With her stressy mum, weird dad and whiny little sister, can this turn out to be the best family holiday ever?


4. Wandering

"I'm sure that it said the cafe was this way," Mum said, frowning at her map We'd been wandering all day, and already it was almost sunset. "You have a look, Mark," She handed the map to Dad, who looked just as confused. 

"I really don't know," he said, " But we can try turning left," Alice sat down on the pavement and crossed her legs.

"I'm-so-hot!" she said over-dramatically. "I actually think I'm on fire, Mummy! It's burning me!" 

"Stand up, you silly sausage," Dad said, still staring at the map. "Okay, come on, left!" We trekked through the busy street, turning left like Dad said. We ended up in this greasy spoon coffee shop, full of old ladies talking very loudly. 

"Maybe not," Mum said, turning around. Suddenly, we heard the tinkling noise of an ice cream van.

"Ice CREAM!" Alice squealed. "Hurry!" She raced out of the shop, making us all follow.

"Chase that van!" I yelled. We tore after it, legging it up the bank. It was quite a way, but we didn't back down. We kept going, making our way up the cobbled street. The van made it's way into a big, green field, and we ran behind it, panting. 

"I WANT ICE CREAM! ICE CREAM!" Alice shouted. Mum pulled out her purse as we walked to the van. I felt the sun on my back of my sundress, and beating down on the top of my head. I wandered off, not caring what anyone was going to say. It was SO HOT! I kicked off my shoes, feeling the grass between my toes. I just started running along, dodging nettles and little families. I darted up onto a hill where the grass was lush and green, and then I saw an umbrella abandoned in a bush. I carefully grabbed it, and used it as a cute little parasol. I did a big leap, imagining that I was leaping over the whole universe. I did a spin, and another leap. Spin, leap, spin spin leap, leap leap spin, until I was dizzy. I undid my plait and leaped again, lifting my feet up very high as I glanced at the setting sun. 

"Sarah? Sarah!" It was Mum, stomping up the hill with Dad and Alice behind her. "Sarah Granger, what are you playing at? You look SO mad!" 

"I don't care," I mumbled. 

"What?" Mum yelled, everyone turning around. She lowered her voice. "Come on, let's get back. No more leaping like a crazy child, okay?" I nodded. Leaping and spinning wasn't crazy; it was perfectly normal! I was getting so sick of her. She was out there to spoil my fun, I knew it. Just when I was starting to enjoy myself. 

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