Family Holiday

Sarah is angry, stressed and annoyed. Anybody else would be mega excited if they were jetting off to Paris, but with her family, that's hard. With her stressy mum, weird dad and whiny little sister, can this turn out to be the best family holiday ever?


3. Going For It

Our hotel was gross. For a start, there was only two beds, so Alice and I had to SHARE. Then there was damp on the ceiling and rot in all four corners of the room. The TV that we had was tiny, and the only channel was a French shopping channel, which wasn't very good. 

"Um, Helen, this looks a little un-hygienic," Dad said to mum, examining a dead spider on the beside table. 

"Well, what are we supposed to do?" Mum asked, "Go home?" Dad opened his mouth, so Mum changed the subject.

"I wanted to go out today, anyway," she said, "And not come back until tonight," Me and Dad stared at each other. We are more of your staying-in kind of people. My perfect day would be sitting propped up in bed in the morning, with a box of chocolates and a good book, then cooking in the afternoon and getting cosy in the night, not going out gallivanting from dusk till dawn. 

"Come on, let's go," Mum declared, grabbing her bag. "Let's go for it!" She marched us out the door, literally putting her hands on our backs. 

"Mummy," Alice asked, "Can we hunt for Sweet Boys?" I rolled my eyes.

"We WON'T!" I said firmly. "Just because that cutesy little boy band are on tour doesn't mean that they're in Paris,"

"Well, Alice can look, Sarah, can't you treasure?" Mum said, and Alice nodded, batting her eye lids.

I shook my head. "Where are we going, anyway?"

"Around," Mum said, "We're going to explore, and have fun. I don't care whether we're out until six at night or until six in the morning, we're going to have fun." But I heard her say, "Although it's like pushing jelly up a hill with you Sarah," under her breath. How dare she! Like I wanted to go wondering about somewhere that I didn't know. Three days to go.

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