Family Holiday

Sarah is angry, stressed and annoyed. Anybody else would be mega excited if they were jetting off to Paris, but with her family, that's hard. With her stressy mum, weird dad and whiny little sister, can this turn out to be the best family holiday ever?


5. Fighting As Normal

"Beautiful girls, having fuuuuuun!" Alice sang, staring at her magazine. "Sweet Boys, coming at you!" It was eight at night and we were sitting in bed, lying top and tail. I hated having Alice's feet right next to me, but it was way better than lying next to her, I suppose. "I wonder if Sweet Boys have a concert over here?"

"No," I sighed, getting fed up of her asking that question. "Just forget that idea, yeah?"

"No way!" Alice snapped. "I'm going to meet Sweet Boys one day, you'll see. And me and Brian will get married and live in a big posh house. Mummy and Daddy will be invited to live with us- YOU won't," I couldn't help it. I nudged her. She kicked me. And soon we were arguing. 

"Whoa!" Dad said, he and mum waking up. They'd had an 'early' night because they were 'jet lagged'. "Calm down! Stop screaming at each other!" Mum jumped out of bed. 

"Girls! GIRLS!" she yelled. "Alison and Sarah Granger! Stop it NOW!" We both shut up, Mum giving us dagger eyes. We hopped back into bed, crawling under the covers. "Ha, that's more like it. Now, sleep well,"

"I really don't like you, Sarah," Alice whispered. I just sighed. Alice was never going to change. She'd been annoying to me all of her life, so I didn't see why she would stop now. It was like I was swimming in a pond and she was a little jellyfish at the bottom, stinging me and then sniggering continually. Or like I was a giselle and she was a cheetah, chasing me and biting me. She was a nasty, snitchy little sister who tried to spoil everything for me- even my holiday. 

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