Family Holiday

Sarah is angry, stressed and annoyed. Anybody else would be mega excited if they were jetting off to Paris, but with her family, that's hard. With her stressy mum, weird dad and whiny little sister, can this turn out to be the best family holiday ever?


2. Bonjour, Paris!

"Look, look, I can see Paris!" Alice screamed, getting totally over excited. I buried into my seat, trying to focus on my book.

"Oh, yes- look, Sarah! Good spot, Alice, you clever, clever girl!" Mum smiled. I looked obediently and, sure enough, we were about to touch down in Paris. "I'm so ecstatic- it's going to be the best holiday," I looked at Dad. Dad looked at me. We both sunk a little further into our seats. I felt the plane slowing down, and then we just drove along, like we were in a very big car. The air hostess came walking by, swishing her blue skirt. 

"Peanuts?" she said, chewing her gum.

"No, thank you," I said.


"No thanks,"


"I'm fine, thanks,"


"NO, I'm FINE!" I ended up shouting. I was expecting her to yell back, telling me where to put myself, but she just looked at me plainly and kept pushing her trolley. I think that Mum was about to give me a good scolding, but she was just smiling, looking out of the window.

"Bonjour, Paris!" she said. She'd done GCSE in French, so she could speak in fluently. "Mama et papa et Sarah et Alice!" The plane stopped moving, and a lady on a microphone said that it was now possible to get off. We stumbled up, shoving our things in our bags and buzzing wit excitement. Well, I wouldn't say that I was buzzing, or dad, but Mum was practically crying with happiness and Alice was chatting non stop to nobody about Sweet Boys, making up random stories about 'what they would do if they bumped into each other'. Like they would! 

We stepped outside into the blazing sunshine, suddenly in a sea of people. If the whole of Paris was like this, then, well, I didn't know what I was going to do...

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