The Disappearance of Brailey's Memory

This story is about a girl named Brailey. She has all she ever needs, her friends! But, until one day when she falls and loses her memory.She doesn't know where she is or what her own name is. She has allot of friends ,but she only trusts one of them, Christian.Christian is basically her "Big Brother" in trying to jog her memory.She doesn't do anything without asking Christian "is it ok?" But, what happens when Brailey's closest friend's tell Christian that Brailey had a secret crush on him! Will he stay has her Big brother or will he never even face her again?How will he get Brailey to get her memory back? Read and find out how Brailey learns and discovers her lost memories.


2. The Inncedent



Brailey's P.O.V.

It was a sunny,cloudless kind of day. In room 111, was Miss.King's room. That was a class of 23. I just got in Miss.King's class and I just turned in my bellwork. As I was about to turn and go back to my seat,miss.King said "Brailey, will you take these papers to the office?" I said, "Yes mam.'"As I was walking up the middle row, I wasn't paying attention to where I was going and tripped on a backpack.I landed head first and papers went flying everywhere. Everybody turned there heads and Miss.King asked worriedly,"Brailey, are you ok?"             



This is still Brailey's P.O.V. but,she doesn't remember anything             

I opened my eyes with faces surrounding me. I was laying on my back and this old lady asked,"are you ok Brailey?" I just stared at her. She tried to touch me,but I backed away in fear. I asked,"Who are you?" "Who is this Brailey person?" She told the person on her left,"Christian,will you take Brailey to the Nurse's Station?" He stod up, walked over to me and pulled me up by my arms.


As me and this "Christian" guy walked out of this weird building,I saw a ginger kitty. I gasped in awe,and picked it up and said"Aw, what an adorable kitty!" "I think i'll name you Molly." I just sat the kitty down,as "Christian" said,"Hey Brailey, i'm sapost to take you to the nurse's station, not lose you in the first two minutes." I started laughing and said,"hahahaha, your so funny, I think I can trust you." He said,"U've been doing that longer than you think." He continued,"I'm Christian, But you've always called me Potato." I asked,"Okay.....But, I Got a few questions......"Why is everybody calling me Brailey?" "Were am I" "Why can't remember any of these things that people are telling me?" Christian said,"Hold on a second,Brailey, we need to get to the Nurse's office first. Then, you can ask those questions to the Nurse." As we got to the so called "Nurse's office", we walked in and there were all of these poster's up on the wall's ,about stuff that I never heard about before. Christian said to the Nurse,"Hey Miss.Melany, Brailey fell on her head in class and now she can't remember anything." "Could you do a check-up to see if there is anything wrong or broken?" Miss.Melany said,"Of course! I'll get started right away!" Then before my eyes,Miss.Melany was touching me with all of these things of all different sizes and shapes. When she finally finished,she told me and Christian that "I have temporary memory lost. But, overall I have nothing wrong." Next she said,"Brailey, does your head hurt?" I nodded my head and she got up, went to the cupboard and got a bottle of red liquid labeled "Talonal". She got a spoon, opened the bottle, and tried to put in my mouth. I closed my mouth shut. I slide over a little closer to Christian and said,"What is that?" She said,"It's talonal, it wont hurt you." Miss.Melany looked over at Christian and said, It looks like your the only one that she trusts." "So, can you try and get into her mouth and swallow it?" She handed the bottle and spoon and said, "Give Brailey 3 spoons full, so it'lle help her head fill better." Christian turned to me and said,"Brailey, can you open your mouth and let me put this in your mouth, so you'll fill better?" I nodded and opened my mouth, so he could put the spoon in. I ate it and I said,"Yum! That taste's good!" He did it the other two times and gave it back to the Nurse. Miss.Melany Said,"I should call your mom so, she so I can tell her, and Yall's teacher's what's wrong." "What is Yall's next class ?" Christian said,"P.E., why?" She said,"Because, I need to talk to them now, and you guys need  to be busy."  So, she send's us two back to that weird building,with my head filling allot better.      



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