The Disappearance of Brailey's Memory

This story is about a girl named Brailey. She has all she ever needs, her friends! But, until one day when she falls and loses her memory.She doesn't know where she is or what her own name is. She has allot of friends ,but she only trusts one of them, Christian.Christian is basically her "Big Brother" in trying to jog her memory.She doesn't do anything without asking Christian "is it ok?" But, what happens when Brailey's closest friend's tell Christian that Brailey had a secret crush on him! Will he stay has her Big brother or will he never even face her again?How will he get Brailey to get her memory back? Read and find out how Brailey learns and discovers her lost memories.


1. Prologue

First i'll tell you about myself.     Name: Brailey                                                                                                                                                           

    Birthday:Jan 4,2000                                                                                                                                           

    Height: 5ft 3in

    Hair Color: Dark Brown

    Eye Color: Bright Green   

    School Grade: 6th

   Personality discribed by my friends: allway's happy and jumpy,BLONDE (If You Catch Our Drift,bipolar,Hilarious,and Very good in computer's                                              

     Friends Name's: Claudia,Kayla,Jayla,Paige,and Christian(But I call him Potato)

     Well Noon fact: I have wierd obsessions,such as Mustache's and Potato"s <3    

     Litle Noon Fact: I secretly LOVE to listen to vocaloid            





Author's note: Well that's it for the Prologue...........I guess. If there is and spelling punctuation,grammar, or any other mistake fill free to tell me..............I'll have the first chapter up hopefully if nothing comes up around 3:00 PM to 4:00 PM cuz, that's when I get home.I'll see you guys later!        LOV YA'!

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