The Disappearance of Brailey's Memory

This story is about a girl named Brailey. She has all she ever needs, her friends! But, until one day when she falls and loses her memory.She doesn't know where she is or what her own name is. She has allot of friends ,but she only trusts one of them, Christian.Christian is basically her "Big Brother" in trying to jog her memory.She doesn't do anything without asking Christian "is it ok?" But, what happens when Brailey's closest friend's tell Christian that Brailey had a secret crush on him! Will he stay has her Big brother or will he never even face her again?How will he get Brailey to get her memory back? Read and find out how Brailey learns and discovers her lost memories.


3. P.E. and Lunch


Brailey's P.O.V

As me, Christian, and the rest of our "class" as it's been explained to me we were taken to P.E. As I walked into the so called "P.E." room,I saw huge room with " Bleacher's", a "Stage" and two ginormous "basketball goals."The Teacher said "that we could go play now."Christian lead me to a group of girls sitting on the bleacher's. One was a short,long haired,mexican looking girl. One was a short haired,tan,and athletic looking girl. And the last one was a Black,tall,skinny looking girl. As soon as we sat down, I whispered to Christian,"why are we just sit by these girls?" "Shouldn't we be playing like everybody else?" He put a finger over his lips and said "Shhhhh, i'm gonna scare your friends." He got up and started getting into a position to scare them. I looked over at the group of girls that were close together talking about something. They were mumbling so I couldn't hear them well. But, I did hear "Brailey","Do you think she is alright?", and ""What do you think happened?" i thought to myself, "these are my friends that i've heard so much about?" Just as I finished that thought, Christian jumped out from behind them and yelled "Boo!" All of them but, the shortest one just stared at him. The shortest screamed and said "My god Christian, why are you always doing that?" I started laughing, they turned and stared at me.


After I did that all of the girls ran over to me and started asking me all of these questions like "Are you ok?" and "Do you remember anything now that you've been to the Nurse?" they were so close to me, I could fill there breath on me. So, all I could think of was to ask Christian for help, so I ran towards him and hid behind him. Christian turned his head around and said,"What's the matter?" "These are your friends, they wont hurt you." I nodded my head and peeked out from behind him and saw them standing there, waiting for me or something. I looked at Christian and nodded my head, then he nodded his head and smiled. I walked out from behind him, walked up to them and said in a shy voice,"Hi, I'm Brailey." "I've been told that you girls are my friends." "Can ya'll tell me your names please?" They looked at each other than the short one said,"Can you give us a minute to talk to christian,so he can tell us what happened?" "Well be with you in a minute." Then they walked off to christian,leaving me confused. I thought to myself "If these people are my friends,then why did they just go to Christian?" They looked busy so I should just wait here. 


Christian's P.O.V.

I watched confusion as they came to me instead of hanging out with Brailey. When they came up to me Claudia asked,"What happened at the Nurses office and why is she acting so weird?" I said,"Well let me tell what happened from the start." Then I explained how Brailey has amnesia, but it is only temporally, and that she is apparently scared of all these new things,but she always comes running to me because, of that. But, my eyes never left Brailey,because I don't want her to get herself lost. So, after I explained all of that Kayla said,"So, she doesn't know who any of us are?" I just nodded my head. Then Jala said,"Well, then let's do what we can before she walks into someone who she doesn't need to hang out with." We all turned and looked to see Brailey staring at us. 


I told them to try and not touch her,because it scares her and act like nothing is different from before. We walked up to her with confidence that we could get her memory back with an idea in mind. I sat down by Brailey and asked,"what game do you want to play?" As usual She just stared at me with those big green eyes and asked,"what is that?" So, as usual I sat there and explained to her all of the different games that we can play in the gym. After all of the explaining, Kayla asked "Which game do you want to play?" Brailey said,"Um, I don't know. How about kickball?" Both Kayla and Jala yelled "Yes!" and high fifed. Jala said,"Good chose Brai, you love this game. You are very good at it."So, the three went into the middle of the gym and started to play. Brailey stopped before going to the middle of the gym and said to me,"I might not be as good as ya'll think I am because, this is my first time playing." I walked over to her and said,"Were you even listening to Jala, you school them every time you play." She nooded her head and ran off to play. I decided to stay back with Claudia,because we both don't favor kickball.


As, I sat down next to her she said,"So, you really weren't telling a lie, she does have amnesia." I nodded my head and said,"Yea. It's really sad that she doesn't know who she is let alone us." Claudia said,"Yeah, it'll be allot of work but we'll get there." So, for the rest of the P.E. time me and Claudia watched Brailey beat Kayla and Jala by like one thousand. 

I was called to the office in the middle of P.E. to talk to my teachers about Brailey. I the room was me,Miss.Melany,our three teachers, Brailey's mom, and the principle. Miss.Melany stood up in front of all of us and said,"Well from these reports, it looks like Brailey has temporally amnesia as i've explained before to Christian. Christian, I am gonna give you the job of making you her basically big brother, to where you make sure she isnt going or doing anything that she sapost to. I gathered all of you here to tell you that she should probably always stay by Christian's side, sense she doesn't  trust anybody else. So, Miss.Ross I need you to make plans so Brailey can stay over at Christians house for a little while so,she can get ust to being by herself. Oh yeah! Miss.King,Carson, and Ricks, I suggest you Move Brailey and Christian in the back of the room close together. Ok. That's all. You guys are dismissed." I was so dazed from all of that I couldn't keep up with half of what she said. So, I just decided to forget about it and go back to P.E.

Finally after a decade long P.E. class, were going to lunch. As our class got in the cafateria to get in the line, I told Brailey to go set down at a table. As I was bringing both me and Barley's lunch I saw her talking with Kayla,Jala,and Claudia. I came to our table,sat down and slide a ray of food over to Brailey. She asked,"What is this?" I said "It's lunch, you need to eat so you wont be hungry for a while." I haven't even given thought if she like's what is on the menu. I looked down at my plate and saw chicken nuggets,a roll,red jello, and mashed potato's. So, I asked Kayla to make sure that Brailey has her food the way she likes it. Because we had to sit in a,b,c order,but now me,Brailey,Kayla,Jala,and Claudia sit at a table far away from our class. When, I looked back at Kayla fixing Brailey's food. I saw the chicken nuggets torn into like pieces and put in the mashed potato's and everything else put how she likes it apparently.When Kayla was done we started to eat. Kayla,Jala, and Claudia were just munching away not even looking up from there plate. I looked over at Brailey to she if she was eating,she was just staring at it like it was gonna just jump in her mouth. I asked,"Why aren't you eating?" She stared at me and said,"What is this?" I point out all of the food on her plate. I said,"This is chicken nuggets,milk,jello,a roll and mashed potato's. She just stared at it again. I sighed, took her fork and put the mashed potato's and chicken mix in her mouth. She swallowed it, smiled and said,"Mhhm! That tastes good! Thanks. I think I can do it know that you showed me how." So, for the rest of lunch, we talked about things, and ate the rest of our lunch. 


The rest of the day flew until we had to go home.


That's all for now!
I'm SOOOO sorry for uploading this on Friday!
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Well, I will more than likely start the next chapter today!
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