Cinderella In Sneakers.

The tomboy Allison live a awful life without her parents. She will rather play football than go shopping. All Al's friends are guys. One day she gets into a fight with the annoying blonde at her school but this boy ruined it all by get Al away. Will the tomboy let him into her life? **The boys are NOT famous in this story!**
Thanks for reading!<3 xx


3. Ugh school!

I woke up with the bright sun in my face. "Fuck of stupid sun!" I groaned and hopped out of my warm comfy bed. I looked over at the dead roses on the desk. I'm really bad with flowers or basically everything that's alive. I once had a white rat and I thought it needed to get a tan so I put it in windowsill and it kind... Of... Uhm died. But to my offence I was only 10!! Yeah I'm a strange child I know. 


I walked into the kitchen and made some scrambled eggs and some orange juice. I ate my food and brushed my lovely pink hair. It always smelled like candy. I took my batman shirt that stop under my ribs and a pair of shorts and put a black bandana in my pink hair. I finished the outfit with my black converse. I grabbed my phone and my keys to my flat. 

Today was the first day after summer vacation and let me just say I wasn't thrilled. All my teachers hate me but I don't care because I don't like them either. I walked over to my locker and threw my books in and grabbed my leatherjacket. When I closed my locker my best GAY friend stood right behind it. He embraced me in a warm hug. "Hi Al! How was your summer?" He asked and put his arm around my waist. 

"Well... I've been home eating ice cream" I said and smiled. He looked up from under his shades.

"Seriously? You've been eating ice cream for two months?!" He asked shocked. 

"What can I say? I live life" I said and started to laugh. The rest of the day was boring as usually.



A.N Hi!:) I will post short chapters and update almost every day!<3 Sounds good?

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