Cinderella In Sneakers.

The tomboy Allison live a awful life without her parents. She will rather play football than go shopping. All Al's friends are guys. One day she gets into a fight with the annoying blonde at her school but this boy ruined it all by get Al away. Will the tomboy let him into her life? **The boys are NOT famous in this story!**
Thanks for reading!<3 xx


2. My life.

Hallo I’m Allison also known as Al. I live in London by myself. I have the most awesome haircolor... Cotton Candy pink! Jealous? Of course you are. I’m 17 and I’m a real tomboy. I would rather play football than do make-up. I don’t have one single girl friend. All my friends are boys. I love when people turn around and look after me on the street because of my hair. I love being defrint. I hate that awkward silence there is when people get to know me and see that we have nothing incommon. I don’t give a fuck what other think about me. I lost my parents a year ago and that’s basically when everything went wrong. I was with the wrong people and did drugs but then I got an amazing friend and he help me get threw it all. Oh and my best friend is gay. I love to just sit alone in my room and eat ice cream. 


A.N Hi so this was the first part of the story. I hope you like it!:) Thanks for reading!<3

Bye:) xx

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