Things that Piss me Off

Ok so I've seen a few of these and decided, hey I can do something like that! So here's the offspring of Boredom and Laptop.
*Note: If I say something offencsive please tell me.
*Note 2: There will be bashing of various things so unless you're cool with some anti-One Direction rants turn back while you can.
*Note 3: Fanfic commentaries will be posted here or on my profile. Check it!


1. Welcome to the Rant

So, due to Movella-surfing and various things that piss me off, I decided to make a blog thing of sorts and rant my head off and possibly troll people. There is One Direction bashing as welll as flaming their fans, I don't not mean offence unless you are obsessed with them and think you have a chance. I'm sorry it just won't happen. My style of writing may sound rude and vulgar but that what happens when a teenager is given acsess to the interwbz-we do stupid things. If you want in on the ranting please leave your proflie name or whatever and I'll get back to you. Yeah ONWARDS MY BITCHES! THE GRAND DADDY TROLL PIMP COMMANDS YOU!!!

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