Things that Piss me Off

Ok so I've seen a few of these and decided, hey I can do something like that! So here's the offspring of Boredom and Laptop.
*Note: If I say something offencsive please tell me.
*Note 2: There will be bashing of various things so unless you're cool with some anti-One Direction rants turn back while you can.
*Note 3: Fanfic commentaries will be posted here or on my profile. Check it!


2. One Direction Fanfics

Ok, I've come across some pretty weird fandoms and some awful badfics but I'm sorry I really don't like these. Sure I guarantee there are some good ones out there if you look hard and long with a lot of squinting but most of them are self-insert fics written by horny fangirls. Don't get me wrong, I have my smut saved on my iPod (over 2000+notes and I'm pretty sure 80-90% of it is smut or came from a smut story with plot and punchlines. But it irks me when people post unrealistic fanfiction that is of a character which is most likely themselves in a perfected way. To be honest I have no stance on OneDirection, their music is catchy yes and they are a boy band that parents can stand but what happens when they try to be adults with lives?

Anything about this? Post in the comment section NOTE If you flame I will flame with you, no joke I will

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