Ok, so this is the second part to 'the house' and i hope you enjoy and give me feeback :)



2. Watch me *Emilly's POV*

Why am I here? Why did that girl that disappears think I'm dead? Why dis she say she wanted to help me? These were the only things that were going though my mind. "Hello?" I said feeling like an idiot that talks to them self, "You told me to call out to you, but I don't know your name."

"Sophia," she whispered, i felt her icy cold breath on the back of my neck. I turned to face her, but she wasn't there.

"Where are you?" I asked.

"Right here, I'm always here, I will help you."

"Help me with what??!"

"You will find out eventually," she said as she appeared before me. "Don't talk to anyone else, Ok?" she said, but I couldn't reply. "OK?!" she yelled louder.

"Fine," I whispered.

"Good, now follow me." I followed her through the house, up the stairs, carefully avoiding a big hole in the staircase. "Careful, I did that, it hurts when you fall to the basement," stated Sophia. We continued up the staircase, into a hall. "Choose a room."

I nodded and approached the door with the numbers 2 & 4. I glanced back, but she wasn't there, again. I opened the door  to see a little girl, she jerked her  head up and glared at me with eyes bright and sparkly, but there was something dark that flashed in her eyes for a split second, she began to giggle. 

"Do you want to play dolls with me?" she asked in a playful way.

No, say noI heard Sophia's voice in my head. 

"Ummm, no, why would I play dolls with a little kid, that I don't know," I said, i know it sounds a bit mean, but I don't care, I just want to get out of here, and remember who I am.

A drop of something fell on my head. 

I looked up to see another girl, but she was dead, she was hanging from the roof by a ropy, swaying, she was dripping of blood, from her neck. "I don't miss her," the little girl said. "That's what she gets, she wouldn't play dolls with me, do you want to end up like her?" 

Walk away now, JUST WALK AWAY, I heard Sophia's voice again. I tuned and strolled out of the room, just like Sophia said to.

"You will regret that!" the little girl screamed.

"Sophia?" I said quickly and silently.

"Yes?" she re-appeared in front of me.

"Can I just leave now?"

"Hahahahaha," she laughed, "You can't get out, no one can."

I didn't know what to say, but I knew I needed to prove her wrong, "Watch me."

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