Ok, so this is the second part to 'the house' and i hope you enjoy and give me feeback :)



9. No more anyone ~ Emilly POV


We all got on the roof, there were about 7 others. We all got down and quickly crept through the streets and down alleyways until we got to Nevaeh rd. I saw my old home and looked in through the doorway, to see Rick standing there; when he saw me he licked his lips and let out a loud groan.

It must have been an alert of some sort because all the zombies limped out of the surrounding houses and began to chase us, the two children were running fastest and they made it into the woods first, with Dan and his two friends following and then there was the two 50 year olds running slowly, I ran straight past them trying to reach the woods when I got there, I screamed “CLIMB!” so everyone did; leaving behind the two older people.

Unfortunately the zombies had gotten them and began to devour them, eating every last part of them, starting with the flesh, then the internal organs, then the bones, leaving nothing behind other than several drops of blood.

They all hobbled over to the trees where we were, they began to bash the tree that the two children were perched on, they were unable to hold on for much longer. “Jump across, I’ll catch you!” I said in a hurry, “QUICK!” I yelled. They young boy stood up and was about to jump but then lost his balance, fell  and broke his neck on the way down on a branch, he was obviously going to be eaten; I couldn’t watch.

The young girl then stood up and jumped quickly, I court her but I wasn’t strong enough and she began to slip out of my grasp, “It will be easier without me now anyway,” she said.

“Don’t you let go! I can pull you up, just don’t let go!” she let go and also died. One of Dan’s friends started crying while the other tried to calm her down. I glanced down to see the little girl had hit the ground and splatted, with parts of her everywhere, the zombies immediately indulged themselves into the mess that was once a little girl.

There were only three others now, the lady crying, the man trying to calm her down and Dan. After the zombies ate, to our surprise, they left forgetting about us, we climbed down and began to walk to the house again, by that point it was pitch black and we couldn’t see anything.

“Oi, mate, Harry, u got a torch?” Dan asked, but there was no response, “Harry?” I got out a torch I found and flicked it on, we turned to see Harry, they man that was calming the lady down had disappeared so had the lady.

“Where are they?” I asked.

“I don’t know, but I have an idea’” he took the torch off me and shined the light into the trees, only to see more zombies, but these were not human, they were monkeys of some sort.

“We had a laboratory that tested on monkeys, which you should know, a virus started from some of the new chemicals in what they were tested on, it turned them into that, it spread, it began with the people that had weak immune systems, now it has got almost everyone. Whoever it hadn’t got has been eaten, other than us 2.” I gasped. “Run,” he whispered as kissed me. I started running, he was right behind me; we ran for hours to get away from the monkeys.

Then I saw the house, “THERE IT IS!” I yelled.

“Finally,” I let out a sigh of relief as we reached the gate, but neither of us could climb it, we were too tired after running for so long. We turned towards the monkeys and prepared for death; but just as they were about to attack us, a werewolf appeared and fought them off, then turned towards us and started chasing us, we ran until we tripped and it jumped on us and everything went black.








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