Ok, so this is the second part to 'the house' and i hope you enjoy and give me feeback :)



5. Home, sweet home *Emilly's POV*

I have been walking in the woods for days now and I still haven't found any sign of civilization; I'm exhausted, hungry, thirsty and have close to no hope left. I wonder if I'll ever get home to my family, to my friends, to Rick.

I closed my eyes trying to remember the last time I had seen him; it was two days before I had decided to go randomly wondering into the woods without telling anyone other than him, I wonder if he had gone searching for me? He probably wouldn't have, he would think i just decided to camp out here for a week or so.

Just thinking about last time I got to see him, thinking that might have been the last time, if only I had known I wouldn't see him again; I would have not refused that last kiss, if only I had known, I wouldn't have screamed at him, telling him I never wanted to see him again, if only.... that's all I can think about, and I feel so bad, and sad that I will never be able to see him again, my last words to him wouldn't have been so awful if I had only known. 

"What is that ?" I whispered quietly to myself as I began to approach the thing. "THAT IS A ROAD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" I squealed happily as I ran up to it; it was a highway, but there were no cars in sight. Which is very strange especially for this particular one, I live very close to this highway, in fact I can see my street; Nevaeh rd. I walked up to the street, to see my house, all the cars were there, including Rick's! I bolted up to my front porch and looked at the crooked door,one of the hinges had been broken and left the door slanting awkwardly. 

I pushed the slanting door only for it to not open but collapse and make a loud bang. 


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