Ok, so this is the second part to 'the house' and i hope you enjoy and give me feeback :)



4. Freedom *Emilly's POV*

I need to find a way out! I walked around the perimeter of the house, trying to find a way out; there were no holes in the old sturdy gate, no way to possibly get out. I looked up, the gate was about 4 metres tall, I thought I would be able to climb them, I grasped a metal bar, it was rusty and sharp I cut my hand on and screamed from the pain, but I kept on climbing. When I reached the top I sat down on it, glanced back at the house and stared at my cold, bloody hands; they were bright red, with purple patches and it had puss oozing from the sides of the cut. I will need to get it checked out when I get back; but for now I can just put something around them to stop the bleeding. I ripped off the bottom of my shirt, and tied it around my bleeding hands trying to ignore the pain. I jumped off the gates, knowing I wouldn't be able to return the big, mysterious, haunted house.

“Emilly!” I heard Sophia shout; “Emilly!!!!!! Get back, the werewolves will kill you!”

“Werewolves don’t exist!”

“I bet you didn’t think ghosts existed either, before you got here! Did you?” I thought for a second.

“I told you I would get out! And I have; I proved you wrong, like I said I would! And I’m going home.” I yelled quickly as I swirled on my toes and strolled away from her, into the dark, mysterious night.

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