Ok, so this is the second part to 'the house' and i hope you enjoy and give me feeback :)



1. Awakening *Sophia's POV*

"Who are you?" I whispered as the girls eyes fluttered open.

"I don't know," She replied.

"Do you remember your name?"

"Ummm, I think its...." She thought for a moment, "Emilly, yeah that's it, Emilly."

"OK, well just, try not to kill yourself, and don't leave the gates or they will," I said pointing beyond the gate, at the werewolves that once brought me here. She squinted, trying to find what I was trying to show her, but it was no use. She couldn't see them.

"How did I get here?" she asked.

"You will find out, and why your here and how you died," I babbled, "Just like i did and you will....." I cut off realizing how terrifying I must sound right now, I forgot, she didn't know she was dead yet.

"Dead?! I'm not dead! Your crazy, leave me alone!" screamed Emilly.

"FINE!" I yelled back and vanished. Well not really vanished, but for all she knows I had. See, ghosts have this thing, where we can turn ourselves invisible and it seems like we had vanished. It was great fun, confusing the new ones. I now see why the others taunted me as much as they did. It was very amusing; not much happened around here.

"W-w-w-where did you go?" she cried, sounding fortified and confused

She got up and walk towards the door, just like i once had. I remember that day, like it had been yesterday. Well for all I know it could have been yesterday, no one really pays attention to time, days or anything like that. We never grow older, and we never leave.

Its impossible.

Emilly didn't even bother to knock, she just waltzed into the house. I gotta admit she had guts, well she would have when she was alive.  I followed her in; only to see Natalie appear, she started talking to Emilly.

I ran in between them, reappeared and began to scream at her, "NO! SHE IS MINE! I AM GOING TO DO THIS! NOT YOU! YOU DID IT TO ME LAST TIME! ITS MY TURN!"

I turned to see Emilly very puzzled and frightened. I looked back to yell at Natalie but she had gone. I glanced back at Emilly and whispered; "I will help you, don't trust anyone else and don't make me raise my voice again. Just whisper my name if you need me." 

"But i don't know your name,"  she said just as i 'disappeared'.

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