Lost love

A Zayn fanfic


1. Chapter 1

"Good morning beautiful" I stare in awe of my perfect boyfriend rolled up in nothing but with, smooth, wrinkly sheets from last night. I give him a smile as he knows i'm not a morning person, but still continues to wake me up at 8:30 am on his days off. He runs his hands through his messy, but sexy morning hair.

"Morning baby. Good sleep?"

"Amazing sleep. You sure did tire me out last night." He gives me a wink and turns on his side to face me. Resting on my elbow I lean over and kiss his dry morning lips. A shy smile spreads over my face.

"What do you want to do today?" I ask him, showing the cheesest smile I can find at now 8:32 am.

"You know what we are doing babe." I stare up at him. He's got his 'i'm-Mr-serious' face on, when hes got that face on there is no point in arguing. But I try my luck anyway.

"Zayn do we really have to? I mean it happens every year" I get up and put my dressing gown on, "I tell you what; we miss it this year, and we will go next year. I promise." I sit back on the bed hoping for the best.

"Deliah" Zayn looks at me puzzled.

"Zayn" I mirror the look.

"It's your mothers 40th birthday party tonight. Remember?"

"Damn it Zayn. You and you're bloody dates!" I yell jokingly standing beside the bed looking at him. He's still trapped in the sheets, he manages to get his arms out and grabs his phone from the bed-side-table. I climb yet again back on to my bed to see what Zayn had to show me.

"How could I possibly forget when your darling mother does this?" He hands me his phone smiling. I take a look at the screen  it's emails upon emails from mum reminding Zayn, and counting down days until her birthday. She has even made a few Facebook events that even I, her daughter was not added to. I look back at Zayn, who looks pretty happy with himself. He's got one eyebrow raised waiting for an answer to his previous question.

"Your lucky you're sexy Mailk." I throw a pillow at him. "Fine we will go! But it's your shout for Starbucks!"




"And you mam?" A happy blonde teenage girl stood behind the counter at Starbucks smiling at me, waiting patiently for a reply. I was giving her the death stare. The whole entire time, up until now she had her pretty blue eyes glued to Zayn, all of Zayn. I knew what I wanted before we entered the store, but just to piss blondey off I decided to have another few scans of the menu. 

"A large caramel frapichino, please." I smile at the girl, even though the three of us know that the smile is not sincere.

"There is a bit of a wait so can I please grab your names?" he happy blonde waits until now to tell us there's a wait?!? Zayn could sense blondey was getting on my nerves.

"Babe why don't you take a seat?" He brushed by backside before pointing to an empty table. I kiss him on the cheek and do as i'm told. After a few nods and smiles were exchanged between Zayn and blondey, Zayn makes his way over to the table.

"She seems pretty charmed" I stare blankly at Zayn.

"What do ya mean?" Zayn replied sarcastically. "Shes not my type anyway." He quickly adds.

"Smart move Mailk. What's ya type then?" Zayn stares at me lovingly.


I return the look and kiss him, his lips less dry then this morning. A few moments passed by before I heard blondey at the counter.

"The most beautiful girl in the world and her lucky boyfriend. You frapichino's are ready."

"That's us!" Zayn grabs my had firmly and walks me to the counter. Blondey hands us over our drinks, Zayn flashes a smile at her.

"This is the cutest thing ever Zayn! Have I ever told you that I love you?" I look at Zayn, a smile covering his face.

"A few times"

Here, hold this" I give Zayn my drink and reach in to my pocket to get my phone.

"What are you doing?" Zayn asks.The click of the camera goes off, "Are you seriously taking a photo for instagram?" Zayn asks.

"I'm not going to not take a picture" I smile.

"Have I ever told you that I love you?" Zayn asks

"A few times."

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