Hold me like you do

A young girl has recently given up on love , and compleatly heartbroken after her previous boyfriend who tour her heart into pieces after cheating on her with another girl . And worst of all that girl was her best friend..


1. Amber and co.

I was having a great day , we just got our report cards today and i had to say i couldnt complain ,i decided to call my best friend ,Amber we had been friend since FOREVER and i love her like the world when i was down i knew Amber would always be there for me i could honestly say that nothing could come between us .



Amber didnt pick up the phone ,so i called Chris my boyfriend , Chris wasnt really a great boyfriend but we had just got back together after breaking up for the fifth time this time he was on thin ice last time we dated he kissed a drunk bimbo at some night-club, oh yeah did i not say he was 23 well he is, so hes 2 years  older than me but i still loved him sometimes . 



Chris picked up the phone . He was breathless and tired but i just adumed he was out running . 


Sara: Chris ? Chris u there?

Chris: ahh ahh ahh! Oh yeah !!

sara: CHRIS  whats goong on ? ! 

Cheis: oh my god yes right there 

Sara: what the hell are you doing ?! 

Chris: oh yes your such a dirty girl! 

Third person: oh yes you know i like that ! 

Omg i knew that voice .. I never thought that , oh god no please no !! 

That voice was a girl i knew i knew her very well she was my ... Best friend 

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