Say My Last Farewell

This is about a Filipina teenager who fell in love with the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time. Does that mean a bad ending or a good one? In the process, readers will encounter Filipino words where you can learn and understand through the little dictionary below each chapter to use as reference. This story is not connected in anyone in real life and scenario but if any story is related, it is a big coincidence. This story is inspired in common Filipino lifestyle in the past during colonization of foreigners in the Philippines. [Reference are provided to keep readers from getting confused] [Author might have messed up with the Philippine History timeline but other than that, the words in the reference are facts.]


3. TWO

I SHOULDN’T have come. Mama and Papa just insisted, I had my choice. Maria thought in so much disgust and in regret.

            Her legs are shaking badly that she stumbled as she walked her way towards the Santos' Mansion's entrance. Though the Filipiniana covers most parts of her flesh, it wraps its way through Maria's body perfectly that her curves and breasts showed in form making her erotically attractive. Additional to her elegance, in each of Maria's ears hang a perlas paired with another group of designed pearls hanging over her neck onto the bared part of her chest.  Her black hair is tied up in a bun while some threads of hair were braided beforehand.

            Some says red makes you look hotter, then how about someone like Maria? Do you look hotter when you are already hot? Do you look prettier when you're more than pretty already?

            Even if you’re the best you can always be better.

Inhale. Exhale. Inhale. Exhale. And she repeated over and over again.

            Considering how much occasions are celebrated in every year, Maria tends to attend over half of it despite the fact that she thinks these are just a waste of money and just a show of money. Maria is not into occasions but because she'd been joining it for years, she can manage to interact easily to different people, even strangers.

            Maria finds herself sneaking a peek in the entrance hall like a little child to look for any signs of familiar faces without luck. Mr. Santos' visitors in his blowouts are strictly selected; some of the friends who can come and join are Spanish priests, the friars from the kumbento since they've got rights in the area and city officials who are common to have Spanish blood running in their veins. Since the Gomez family is connected in politics and big businesses, with tons of money, haciendas, plantations, they are considered an affluent family.

            "Welcome Senorita" The guards standing stiffly by the door greet her in acknowledgement.

            Maria’s heart races.

Panginoon ko. Thought Maria. Clearing her throat for the fourth time now, finally she replies but croaks, "Thank you."

            Maria steps her right foot first to the red carpet from the front door that leads toward the crowd of guests that makes themselves comfortable with company from other visitors. Chitchat here, chitchat there. A ball of light consisting of crystals mounted at the ceiling illuminated the center of the area. In its dainty appearance, an earthquake could send it crashing down destroying the fingers of light with darkness for a change. Though is it pressed on top, Maria could tell it is in level with her that she could even touch it without jumping if her legs pursue to take more steps. But before she can even dare to take a try, a staircase came to view.  

            Maria's jaw dropped.

            The staircase leads toward the ground floor below her. Unlike the previous peep from the entrance hall that she encountered unfamiliar faces, below she can clearly recognize the faces of the Alcalde Mayor with other officials seated on the central table communicating with their fellows. Her eyes shifted to another table, a large one but not quite as large as the central table, and identifies her parents busy talking and remained prude.

            As she turns to step a heel down to the first level, a couple passes and smiles at her direction. Before Maria manages to smile back, the lady asks, "Gorgeous. Who's your father?"

            "Don Arturo Gomez."

            The lady's eyes widen that destroy her poise. She must have seen Maria hesitations and underestimated Maria with the thought that she must be new. Sooner or later, her insecurities will explode especially with her man eyeing Maria with interest. To her disgust, the lady elbows her escort and drags him down in a hurry, leaving the beautiful Maria dumbfounded. Before the couples reached the end of the stairs, the guy turns his head and gives her a wink, this time it was Maria's eyes that widened.


            Mr. Santos is behind the podium. Thrice he clapped and people turn their head towards his direction. "Magandang gabi," he starts saying, "Each of your presence is very much appreciated, in this celebration, I would love to announce the good news of the day. Two weeks ago, my wife and I had a sincere dinner with another couple; that is because by next month, a big celebration will be held. Big." He says as he draws it with his hand. "I know I'm getting you confused, but this celebration is nothing like this we have today, it will be one of the grandest celebration held." He says as he stressed the word grandest.

            Whispers gone off and people turn confused.

            Maria, still unable to continue moving out from the stairs, stands stiff. She isn't like those people downstairs who are hooked in Mr. Santos' speech. She knows what's going to happen. She knew what's going to happen. The rumor could be right.

            She rolls her eyes and upon realizing what she has done, she bit her lip.

            "So this is it, Let us all big a round of applause to my son Frederick Santos who is going to marry soon." Proud Mr. Santos smiled and added, "Cheers!"

            So I was right. Marriage.

            "And now let us welcome the lucky girl in red that just arrived no other than the son of Arturo Gomez, Maria Gomez!" Mr. Santos announces with more proud lingering his face as he directs the audience eyes towards the staircase, towards Maria whose heart sank, staring wide-eyed to the blank sheet of air before her.

            No. She breathes out, less than a whisper.

            Her hands on the handrail began to tremble with her legs glued on the tread; she couldn't even manage to blink. Every eye is on her, tries to compose a smile but her lips betrays her. The world is floating, if not, she must be floating. Someone is coming, but she cannot make features of anything. He takes her hand and escorts her.

            Maria blinks and she is already standing on the stage beside a guy. She is left in wondering, did she ran the way to the stage? Or did she sort of fly in the process? Or did she even teleported? Maria merely dazed can't remember walking on the aisle on her way.

            Making good progress in the situation, she smiled in every angle as if she knew everything all along and promises to be a good Santos wife. The crowd cheers while some teased as they say 'Mrs. Maria Santos." Nevertheless, Maria heart burned in burden.

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