Say My Last Farewell

This is about a Filipina teenager who fell in love with the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time. Does that mean a bad ending or a good one? In the process, readers will encounter Filipino words where you can learn and understand through the little dictionary below each chapter to use as reference. This story is not connected in anyone in real life and scenario but if any story is related, it is a big coincidence. This story is inspired in common Filipino lifestyle in the past during colonization of foreigners in the Philippines. [Reference are provided to keep readers from getting confused] [Author might have messed up with the Philippine History timeline but other than that, the words in the reference are facts.]



“MARIA ANAK,” starts Mrs. Karp Gomez. “You have circles under your eyes, what have you been doing last night”

            “Uhm I …” stammers Maria and adds “I… I just can’t sleep.”

            “You can’t sleep even if you were whole day in the farm? Don’t tell me you weren’t tired?” Mrs. Karp suspects.

            Maria remains silent. Saving the moment, a kasambahay came rushing, breaking the silence playing around the living room.

            “Donya,” she starts. “Someone wants to talk to you.”

            Donya Karp nods and follows the kasambahay’s lead towards the garden leaving Maria alone who narrows her eyes thoughtfully.

            Her eyes falls on her shaking pale hands as she remembers her unfortunate encounter yesterday. She hesitates about going back to their farm thinking that he might be waiting for her.

            To her surprise, between their glass windows that spread from the top of the ceiling to the ground is a huge wooden two-doors opening more than ninety degrees each with Frederick on the lead follows by his parents talking with Donya Karp. Maria, on the other hand made no attempt to hide her surprise on their arrival.

            As their guests settle on the chairs, servants of Santos come in with foods in hand. Of course, she shouldn’t be astonished. She should’ve expected them to come soon. It is traditional that the family of a boy to visit the family of the girl and bring some foods. They call it pamanhikan where the boy will officially ask for the hand of the girl.

            Frederick gestures Maria towards the balcony. He smiles at her with his hand on the air while Maria didn’t hesitate to take them. She stares to Frederick who is showing no hard time in stretching his lips in a smile, a foot taller and bearing white skin unlike the usual Filipino color. He is wearing his barong tagalog, the traditional Filipino wear for men.

            “Maria,” he says as he looks at her. He is sincere as Maria could say.


            “It’s just I can’t believe I’d be soon marrying the most beautiful girl in the city. I’ve been having an eye to you for a long time.” Frederick admits as they headed for the balcony. He drops his eyes to the floor in embarrassment.

            Maria laughs and just like a disease, he starts laughing too.

            “Amazing isn’t it?” asks Frederick to Maria as they both stares in the steady curtain of water outside the balcony that views their landscaped garden with a fountain standing in glory in the center.

            Maria nods as she smiles in the direction. “Frederick?”


            “Since when did you know about it?” Maria asks. Frederick in an instant catches what Maria meant – the marriage or more likely the day in the announcement.

            “I’m just as shocked as you are,” he replies. “You are the best choice of my parents.”

            “I see…” Maria replies not knowing what to say. She looks behind them where their parents are talking casually showing their enjoyment.

            As Maria and Frederick go back to the living rooms, Mrs. Karp says in a soothing voice to change the subject from careless workers they fired to the wedding celebration. “I think it’s time to speak about the wedding,” she says to the two. “Have you progress any plans yet?”

            “None Mama,” Maria responds.

            The Santos couple and the Gomez couple stares at each other until Mrs. Santos declares, “Then let’s have a plan. Let’s hire for wedding planner instead.”

            All at once, they all start giving their suggestions, busy talking, agreeing for the great ones. Everyone is giving their suggestions except for Maria who seems confused.

            I am the one who is going to marry, not them but they seem more excited than I can even manage. Maria says to herself. She sighs. Frederick rests his hand on her thighs and asks her, “Are you okay?”


            When everyone come to terms with the plans, they makes the move starting from choosing Maria’s gown and for the gowns of the others, they also decided who to invite, the venue and everything. Nothing is really hard when your parents are more than interested than you are, you can even just sit and they will finish things. Maria tried to conceal her giggles from her thoughts.


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