Say My Last Farewell

This is about a Filipina teenager who fell in love with the most unexpected person in the most unexpected time. Does that mean a bad ending or a good one? In the process, readers will encounter Filipino words where you can learn and understand through the little dictionary below each chapter to use as reference. This story is not connected in anyone in real life and scenario but if any story is related, it is a big coincidence. This story is inspired in common Filipino lifestyle in the past during colonization of foreigners in the Philippines. [Reference are provided to keep readers from getting confused] [Author might have messed up with the Philippine History timeline but other than that, the words in the reference are facts.]



ITS NINE o’ clock and Maria prepares herself for a sleep.

             She sighs.

            She recalls her last visit in their farm but the memories that come dancing in her mind are the ones when she was with Bryan, when he finally admitted he likes her. Even when Maria’s soon to be married to Frederick, she takes chances on her last days of freedom.            

            Comfortable, that’s all she can say when she’s with Frederick, but compared to Bryan, she seems contented – something that goes with comfort, quarrels, fun, and truthful.

            A stone comes inside through her open balcony. Maria is taken by surprise and pauses to listen for any noise but there is none. Suddenly she can hear someone calling her name. Another stone flies inside. Without showing her fear, she draws near to the door towards the balcony and catches a glimpse of a figure below.

            “Yes?” she asks shivering.

            “Maria, it’s me, Bryan,” he speaks softly that Maria can barely hear.

            “Bryan?” she asks to confirm, sounding astonished. “What are you doing here?” Maria demands. 

            Bryan climbs his way to her balcony. Maria turns off the lights to keep people from seeing them. She extends her arms to Bryan who didn’t hesitate to take it. All of a sudden she wraps Maria in a big hug and says, “I miss you.” He smirks to Maria’s confusion.

            “What did you just say?”

            “I miss you.”

            “That’s why you’re here?”      

            He nods.

            “That’s crazy!”

            “I love you,” he says cutting her off.

            Just one phrase and the world changes.

            “Three words, eight letters, say it and I’m yours,” he says but to Maria’s disbelief she can’t speak a word. He’s so fast. Very fast. Just a few days ago she cursed under her breath because of him, and tonight he’s saying he loves her?

            Run. Her mind tells her but she did the least expected thing. 

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