Trapped in your love

Can i ever stop loving you? Even when i cant anymore? thats a simple answer yes i will always love you forever and always (Louis Fan-Fiction)


3. *3 years earilier*

 *3 years earlier*

Sydney's P.O.V

i opened my eyes to sunlight shining through my blinds i got up and opened my window enjoying the beautiful day it was i brushed my teeth put on light makeup straightened my hair and put my black skinny jeans with a few sizes to big sweater and left my flat i went to starbucks and picked up a coffee *texts* hey you still meeting me at the mall today?-Haily /of course i am on my way right now!!-sydney/ cool see you in a few minutes :)-haily *end of texts* i jumped in my car and headed to the mall when i got there i wait for haily to get there i pulled out my phone and checked my twitter after i check that i put away my phone and took a step before someone pushed me and i fell "hey watch it!" i yelled at who ever pushed me "oh my god i am sooo sorry here let me help you up are you okay?!" i looked up to see a bunch of brown curls and dimples that i could reconize anywhere "omg your harry styles!!" i said almost yelling "shh and hahh ya, here why dont i take you out for dinner or something tonight?""sure okay here let me put my number into your phone" i said trying to stay cool "okay here" he said passing me his phone i texted myself so i had his number "awesome and i will text you the" he said glancing down at the phone at my contact "okay"i said and with that he walked away "W-W-w-was that THE HARRY STYLES!??" i heard my friend say from behind me "uhh hah yeaa, yea it was" i said with a giant smile on my face "and he wants to take me out for dinner" i added "no freaking way!!" haily said :hha yea freakin way" i said back "well come on we need to get you the perfect outfit" "hhah okay" i replied walking beside haily after 3 hours of shopping i settled with a high waisted skirt and a tight top and a pair of heels not too fancy and not too casual once we got home it was about 4pm and i got a text from harry *texts* hey.. so pick you up at 5? and where should i pick you up?-harry/ Ya sounds goood and at *****(address)*****-sydney okay see you in a bit-harry *end of texts* haily stayed and help me get ready i got dressed and haily did my hair and makeup and i was ready by 4;45pm so we watched some tv until my doorbell rang but when i opened it it wasnt who i was expecting .. it was...

*A/N hah soo who do you think iit is?!?! ooo lets find out in the next chapterr :DD*

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