Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


7. Woah!

They both glanced at the inside of the box in awe for the longest time. There mouths were wide open and it seemed that their chins almost hit the ground. Finally someone spoke.

"Oh. My. God." , Leah said grabbing the paper from inside the box

"Umm, Leah...Is that what I think it is?", Jenna said snatching the paper out Leah's hands.

"Umm yeah Jenna...I think it is...", Leah slowly replied.

"Well maybe we should double check....", Jenna said trying to act confident even though she wasn't.

"Yeah... Good Idea..." Leah replied.

They checked it again. They examined it for a couple more minutes. Then they looked up at each other. 

"Leah im afraid that you might actually be related to Harry Styles. I mean how else could your parents possibly get his birth certificate? That is something that is really hard to find", Jenna said.

"I mean maybe not...I mean maybe its a copy, maybe it's", Leah then got cut out.

"Leah how can you copy a birth certificate?!  How can you copy a silver ribbon on it?!  Not only would it be hard for your parents to get a unfamous kid's certificate but Harry Freaking Styles?", Jenna said protesting.

"Its Harry Edward Styles..." Leah said.

"LEAH! Don't you get it? you are related to Harry Styles!", Jenna said confidently.

"Well... there has to be more explanations in the safe...we have to look through it.", Leah said.

Jenna nodded her head and they began to look. Underneath where the paper had been, there was a knitted baby hat that the hospitals always give away and a picture of a baby with one single curl that was on his forehead attached to a form that looked sophisticated. Leah fiddled with the hat and she felt something papery inside of it. She reached into the little hat and there she found a note and it said,


 "My Dear Sweet Harry,

                                          Although you will never receive this note, I just feel the need to write you this note, it will make me feel better if I do. You are the sweetest baby in this world and the only reason im giving you up is because I don't think your father is ready to raise a boy and I think that it is just better for you to be away from us. Your new last name is Styles but no matter who you become you will always be a Tousdale to me. I love you sweet baby."


                                                                                                                                                                       your birth mom


Jenna read it while Leah was and they both finished reading it at the same time and looked at each other. Jenna then patted Leah on the back while Leah let out tears with out making one noise. Leah then picked up the picture with the form attached and read the forms about how basically Leah's parents had absolutely no rights to Harry and that Anne had them all. She then dropped the forms and starred at the picture of baby Harry.

"Leah im glad your not TOO upset but I still think I need to stay here the whole week while your parents are gone." Jenna softly spoke.

Leah then smiled at Jenna and said "That's a idea I agree on. But trust me, we aren't staying here the whole time. We have to solve some things this week."

Jenna then replied "agree"

Leah smiled and they both walked up to her room and talked into the night about all they had just discovered and how the next day was about to get crazy.



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