Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


5. What Just Happened?

When Leah shut the door, she placed her back on the door and slid down it untill she was sitting on the ground with her back on the door.

"What. Just. Happened", Leah thought.

Leah then got up and walked over to her window. She pulled back her shimering silver curtains and sat in the window seal. She stared at the stars and thought about what her father meant.

"On her own what?", she thought.

It then hit her like a lightbulb turns on and she knew something was up. She remembered this safe that her parents had always had since she could remember. They always said that one day she would be able to see it. But so far, they hadnt kept that promise.

 All of a sudden she thought that maybe the answer to her thoughts was simply in that heavy duty lockdowned box. Her parents would be gone for a week, so that should be easy to get into. But she also knew that her parents kept the key with them at all times so she knew she would have to pick the lock. She didnt care how she had to get into it. She just knew that she HAD to get into that safe.

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