Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


6. The Next Morning

When Leah got up the next morning, she didnt think twice. She jumped out of bed, ran down stairs, and checked to see if her parents were gone. They. Were. Gone.

"Finally!", Leah thought.

She then went into her parents room and looked around everywhere for the safe.

Under the bed no.

 In the closet, no.

 In the master bathroom, nope.

 With everywhere she looked it was a dead end untill it popped up into her head,


She then fixed everything in her parents bedroom to the way it was before she messed it all up and ran to the hallway. She grabbed the string hanging from the ceiling and the ladder came down leading to the attic entrance.

"Bingo!", she said excited.

She climbed up the ladder and saw the inside of the attic. It was HUGE and empty...

"Well then...", she said as she sharply turned

When she turned she saw a black safe in the corner.

"Haha there you are", she sarcasticly said.

She walked to the corner and grabbed the box. She slowly toted it down the steps and closed the attic. She toted it to the living room and sat down with it and tried to open it.


"Crap", she thought.

Then she instantly thought about that time that Jenna picked her closet door open when her brother locked her out. So she called Jenna and asked fror her help.



"Hello?", Jenna quickly said

"Hey Jenna, do you think you can come over and spend the night tonight?", Leah said.

"Well yeah, sure. Is everything ok?", Jenna said.

"Well yeah, wait no, well.... You will see what i mean when you get here and i will explain. Oh and bring anything you can to pick a lock.", Leah said

"Umm ok? I will be there in 20 minutes", Jenna said

"Bye!", Leah said.


"Well dont even say bye", said Leah as she stared down at her iphone.

While Jenna was on her way, Leah though up a million thoughts of what secrets could be in the box. But when it came to reality, none of her thoughts couldve been really. Finally, Jenna came in the house.

"Well dont knock or anything...", Leah said.

"Oh get over it! Now whats wrong!", said Jenna

"Well sit down, and i will tell you.", Leah said

"OK?", said Jenna

"Now this might sound crazy but just listen.", Leah said.

Leah then told Jenna the whole story about when she was little she was told to never question the safe and never open it and about when she talked about One Direction her parents got really nervous.

"Woah...." Jenna said.

"Well do you see where im coming from now?", Leah said

"Heck yeah!", Jenna shouted, "We HAVE to open the safe!"

Jenna then pulled her $50 gift card to PINK out of her purse and stuck it into the lock. No luck.

She then pulled out a metal fork and stuck into the lock. No luck.

"Well this is my last idea.", Jenna said as she pulled a very skinny screwdriver out of her purse.

She put the screwdriver in and twisted. Left and Right. Back and Forth. Then finally the lock broke off

The safe then opened automaticly and they saw what was inside. And none of Jenna's thoughts could even compare to what the safe.



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