Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


4. The Awkward Dinner

"LEEEEAH!", yelled her dad, "IT'S TIME FOR DINNER!". With that Leah walked out of her room with a smile on her face, a mischvious smile. For some reason Leah was in the mood to agrivate her parents, so she thought up a plan to annoy them with One Direction. As soon as it got quiet in the dining room she would start talking about One Direction. "This should be interesting.", she thought.

When she got to the table everyone was already there but her. So she sat down, grabbed a plate, and began to eat. "So how are those grades in math coming Leah?", said her dad. "Well", Leah replied,"I went from a 71% to a 94%". "Good to hear", said her dad. That was all her dad cared about. How her grades were. It was never " how was your day? or "are you feeling ok?". It was just simply "How. Are. Your. Grades". To be honest, all her dad ever wanted was for to be out of the house. He didnt care about Leah, however he did love her.

Her mom then piped up and said, "So sweetie, tomorrow is Saturday and me and your dad both have to go on his buisness trip and we wont be back untill next Saturday. We thought that since you are growing up now that you would be ok to stay here by yourself." "Yeah, it will prepare you prepared for the future.", said her dad. Leah gave her dad a sharp and stern look and as her mom looked at the both of them sternly she continued, "I have went grocery shopping so you have everything in here that you need. If you ever feel lonely remember that your friend Jenna can come over and spend the night whenever she wants too.We are leaving at 7am tomorrow"  "OK",said Leah as they continued

The "bam" it got quiet and Leah pulled her move. "So did you know that One Direction was on Ellen the other day?", she cheerfully said. Her parents looked at eachother carefully then faced Leah. "Well isnt that fantastic...", her mom said as she took a bite of a carrot.

"Crap!", Leah thought, "I guess i will have to talk about them more."

And with that she said, "They also have this new single called "One Way Or Another and."

"Leah....", said her father.

"all the money goes towards a project called"

"Its enough!", he shouted at her.

"its called Red Nose Day its for a really good cause", she contined.

Then steam arrised from his ears and words started flying out of his mouth. "FOR CHRISTS SAKE LEAH HOW CAN YOU BE SO OVERLY OBSSESSED AND CRUSHING ON YOUR OWN FREAKING..."

It got real silent, real quick.

Leahs mother turned around to him and gave him the meanest look ever. And the steam came down so fast and Leah could tell that it ended up turning into panic. "My own what?", leah slowly dragged out those words.

 "Oh nothing, I cant even remember what I said now", said her father.

Leah then looked at her mom and her mom was looking really pale and she was messing with the bracelet on her wrist.

Her mom then looked at Leah and said "Leah, why dont you go on and go to your room for the night. I think you've done enough damage for today"

and with that Leah slowly pushed in her chair and walked to her room with her mind rushing with a million thoughts and questions.


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