Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


8. The After-math

When they both woke up the next morning they talked about what they should do.

"Leah! You have GOT to tell Harry!", Jenna yipped.

"I cant just simply call Harry Freaking Styles dude.", Leah said.

Jenna picked up the adoption forms and looked over it. "But you can call his mother", she said pointing to Anne's phone #.

"I don't have international calling.", Leah said.

"I do, yay me!", Jenna said as she dilled Anne's # and handed the phone, on speaker mode, to Leah.




"Hello?", said a British accent, just like Leah used to have before the American one rubbed off on her.

"Umm yes, Uh Hi. Is this Anne Cox?", Leah softly spoke.

"Yes mam it is. What do you need?", she said.

"Well are you busy...because this might take a while.", Leah spoke.

"I've got all day.", Anne cheerily said.

"Well I don't know where to start. So let me just start by saying... Hey, my name is Leah Tousdale, Please don't hang up! I need you to hear what I say. I never knew Harry was my biological brother until I snuck and opened a box with everything of the adoption info in it! My parents had hid this from me for my whole life. My parents are away for this whole week and this week I just really need to talk to Harry...please Anne...", Leah said

Anne sighed and then said, "If you are really a Tousdale...and that story is true...and if you are really Harry's sister, I will help you. I will buy you anything you need to tell him and make him believe. I will buy you a plane ticket to the next concert, which is the day after tomorrow. I will buy your VIP One Direction tickets so you can try to make him believe. I will buy absolutely anything you need to make him believe. But, Leah, I will not tell him myself. I already have all your info so im sending you all the tickets right now through your email and im sending an extra $700 so you will travel safe. Good luck Leah."


"What did I just witness?", Jenna said.

Jenna sighed, looked down at her phone and said "I don't know but we have got a mission for this spring break."

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