Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


2. School Day

"Hey Jenna!", Leah shouted across the front courtyard.

Jenna was by far Leah's best friend. They had been threw everything together. They were both only children so they could relate in many ways.

"Hey girl!", Jenna said as she hugged Leah.


"Well i guess thats my cue to leave, see ya later Jenna!", said Leah.

Jenna waved and they both went there seperate ways

. While Leah was on her way to her 1st period class she hummed a little bit of "Last First Kiss". While she was singing she passed her music teacher and which she stopped in awe.

 "Leah", said Ms.Dawson, "I didnt know that you sang".

 "Well im more of a shower singer, ive never sang in front of anyone before", replied Leah.

 "Well you should really consider coming out about your singing, if you deside to come see me after spring break.", she said smiling then she walked away.

 "SPRING BREAK!",Leah thought. She had forgotten that today was the last day of school before spring break. So for the rest of the day she spent her time dazing in class about spring break and occasionally her singing.

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