Home Is In Your Eyes

While 14 year old Leah Tousdale was looking through old family boxes while her parents were at work, she discovered something that would change her life...forever.


3. On The Way Home

"RING!".screached the bell

. In about 1 second the halls filled up with kids as than ran out the door screaming "SPRING BREAKIN' 2013!" and "YOLO!!".

While everyone was running around crazy Leah quietly snuck out the back entrance so she wouldnt have to deal with the crazy kids. When she got out the door she quickly ran to her moms car and off they went.

"So, how was your day Leah", her mom softly spoke. "Good, how about yours?", Leah said. Then her mom returned her answer as always "oh same ole' same ole'". To be honest Leah hated that saying but she dare not ever tell her mom.

Leah then plugged up her phone to the speaker and started blasting "Gotta Be You". She had just relized that this is the first time she had ever played One Direction in the car, but she didnt think to much about it. She then screamed "ITS GOTTA BE YOOOOOOOOOOOU! ONLY..."


Her mom pushed the button to turn the radio off.

Leah in shocked turned to her mom and said, "Any reason you just happened to turn it off?".

Her moms eyes got really big and her mom then gripped the steering wheel tighter and replied, "Just not in the mood for a stupid boy band right now Leah, not now not ever."

They then pulled into the drive way. Leah got out of the car and walked slowly up the steps to her door, held the door open for her mom, and walked to her room. She then put in her earbuds and listened to One Direction untill she ran out of their songs.

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