In Bloom

Athena Greene is a teenage girl, recently diagnosed with borderline personality disorder. Her life seems to be going into a downward spiral, until she moves to a Catholic school and meets Niall Horan. Will he help her turn her life around, or will she drag him down as well?


1. Prologue

"Okay, Miss Greene, right through this door," my doctor orders, her voice icy cold.  I follow her directions without a thought and walk into the room. I look around. People sit in plastic chairs in a circle in the center of the room. I automatically know where I am and  I sooooo do not want to be here, but deep down inside, I know I have to be. For myself. For my fans. For my friends.....
For him.
I shudder as I think of how much I hurt him. I blink back tears and take a seat in between a bony blond and a fairly normal looking brunette. The doctor, named Diana Brown, takes a seat next to the blond and the circle is complete. She begins the group therapy session with a fake looking smile, "Ok, let us welcome our newest member of the group, Miss Athena Greene!"
I snap out of my depression when the normal brunette gasps and begins to tremble excitedly. "Omigod, omigod, I knew you looked like Athena! You even have the accent! Bah! You're my idol, I love you so much! I can't believe Athena Greene sat next to me!" she babbled on but my attention turned back to Dr. Brown.
"So Athena, can you proceed to tell us your story?" Dr. Brown pressed. The normal brunette nearly shit herself.
I sighed. "Do I have to?"
"Fine, I'll tell you. It all began on the first day of 3rd year in secondary school...." I drifted off, beginning what seemed to be a never-ending story...... 


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