Save me

Me and my to best friends Cara and Anika are date the members of One Directhion in secoret. What happens when Paul finds out? Will he hurt us? Kidnap us from are loved ones? Or make us split apart? Read more to find out!!!! *13 year old to read* *cussing, Vilence, sex*


2. Ops

I sat in my room watching Disney channel. Waiting for Niall to come home from a party with Harry. Oh go, I wonder what happend. As I was sitting there thinking I herd the door open.

 "Sara, I'm home" Niall said running up the stars.

 "Hi babe" I said. As he kissed me. The kiss got deeper every second.

 "Niall, you're drunk" I said as he started kissing down my neck.

 "Yup," he replied with a small smile on his lips.

I didn't want to stop him because I didn't no what he would do if I tryed. He pushed me up to the wall with his hands starting to go up my shirt. He finally managed to lift my shirt off my head. Now I was just in skinny jeans and my bra. He pulled me over to the bed with his lips still attached to my neak. He dropped me on the bed and climed on top of me undoing my pants he slipped them off throwing them acrosed the room. The kiss got lower to my bra. But before he went on he started to take off his close. When all his close where off he got back on top of me. And I'm shure you no what happens next.



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