All Grown Up

All Grown Up is a novel based on a young man with a troubled past. He has seen and experienced things that no child should ever have to witness or go through. Unfortunantly, it makes him take a turn for the worse when he grows up. This will cover everything from the early years until his young adult life. This will be part 1 of a 2 part series.


1. The Arrival

It was a cold, snowy day in Boston, MA. January 10, 2001 was the date and there was not a soul in site. There had been a winter advisory warning issued by Mayor Menino so everybody was home enjoying time with their families. Mother nature was going to show her wrath by dropping 3 fee of heavy  we snow. Dakota Polanski was in bed and in pain while her husband, Leo, la in bed beside her. he couple was expecting a son any day now. Dakota was a school teacher who taught a he local school down he road. She tried to get pregnant for ears bu never had an luck. When just about all hope was lost, a miracle occurred and she ended up conceiving a child on her birthday. I was he greatest news she had ever received and so far it has been everything she ever waned. Leo was a business man who worked for a construction company and tried to get clients to hire his men o build giant skyscrapers and buildings. Neither Dakota or Leo had much family in he area. Dakota was from Australia and Leo was from Poland. The two met at a bar one night in Boston and once they linked eyes, it was love a firs site. he fell head over heels for one another. It only took hem a ear until Leo proposed and he ended up getting married. 

As Dakota lies in bed, sweat pouring from her face as she cringes with her contractions getting worse and worse, Leo does all he can to comfort his wife. He pas her head with a cool face cloth while holding her hand. "I love you, Dakota"  Leo whispers in her ear. "My water just broke !" screams Dakota. "Call an ambulance, hes coming ! Our son is on his way , I can feel him !" Leo jumps up and runs to he phone to dial 911. "There is no dial tone dear, the phone line is out ! What are we going to do?" "HELP, hes coming !" Dakota screams. With no other option, Leo runs to his wife, grabs a few chairs, and tells her to put her legs up. He can't believe he is going o deliver his first child. "PUSH darling PUSH. I can see he head, our doing a great job !" Dakota is screaming and grabbing onto her bed while pushing for her life. Leo reaches in and tries to pull he baby out, bu is seems as if he umbilical cord is caught on the baby's arm so he can pull him out. Dakota is starting to bleed profusely and there is nothing Leo can do but try to get the baby out and cut he umbilical chord." Hang on babe your doing great Please hang on !"  After a few minutes of moving and twisting his son, Leo finally is able to pull out his baby boy. He has he biggest smile on his face as the tears begin to fly down his cheeks. He cuts he chord, washes him off, and wraps him up. The little screech is the most beautiful sound Leo has ever heard in his life and he can't believe that all of this is really happening. He turns to go and help his lovely wife. "Look darling look ! Its our little Daniel ! He looks just like you !" Dakota looks and smiles.

Her eyes roll up into her head. Her face which was always so soft, warm, and beautiful, has turned blue. Leo runs over to try to save her but i is too late. As his lips touch hers, he tries to perform CPR, but that doesn't work either. Her lips are soft, her skin is blue, but shes just as beautiful as ever. Leo knows his wife has passed, while given birth to their son Daniel, but hes in awe. How could this happen ? She was his everything. Why did god take her ? Why couldn't they have a happy ending together ? So many thoughts running through his mind but he knows one thing for sure, heaven just received and angel, but god had sent an angel right back down. On this cold, snowy, dreary night of January 10, 2000 at 9:21 pm, Leo Polanski's life had changed forever.


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