Find You


1. Prologue

"LIAM!" I screamed. A man was in my room. I was really scared. I backed into the corner. Tears streamed down my small face. I snaked my way out of the room and ran down stairs. "RUN MADDIE!" Liam screamed at me. I looked over to see him being held by 2 men. He was bleeding and bruised. I froze. "MADDIE RUN!" He screamed. I turned and started to run. Before I got to the door the man the was in my room grabbed me. I squirmed and screamed. He threw me into a van and we drove off. He pulled me out of the van and threw me into a house. A couple was standing there with smiles on their faces. They gave the man a large sum of money. Thats when he left. 

"Come here sweety." The man said.

"I want my brother." I cried. He hit me across the face.

"You have no brother and we are your parents." He yelled before locking me in the bedroom. Tears flowed from my eyes. All I could do is pray that I would be found.

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