Find You


2. Ch. 1

"Go get me beer!" John screamed. I nodded and slipped on my vans and rushed out the doors. I hurried down the street. I have lost the will to fight. I tried to run once but John found me and beat me with a  crowbar. I kept my head down and hurried down the streets. I turned the corner and someone on a bike crashed into me. I fell to the ground and got a large gash up my legs. I winced in pain but got up. 

"Oh my gosh love I am so sorry." The person said. I looked up to see a pair of beautiful brown eyes looking into mine. He reached out for my shoulder but I pulled away. John would be really pissed off he never hit my legs because he said that was the only part of me worth something. Last night he threw a hot pan at my shoulder. The boy looked hurt. I spun on my heels and started to walk off.

"EH! Wait please can I at least get your name?" He asked. I turned around. 

"Madison....Payne." I said. His eyes widened and filled with tears. "Maddie?" He asked. I raised an eyebrow. "LIAM WHERE ARE YOU?" I heard a voice call. He ignored them. "Li Li?" I asked. Faintly remembering the nickname that I had for my brother when we were young, before I was taken. That was 10 years ago. I was 18 and he was 20. He had turned into an attractive young man. He simply nodded. I ran at him and he engulfed me into a hug. Tears rose to my eyes threatening to spill. I couldn't cry. I was taught that crying is bad, if you cry you get punished that was the rule. Liam held me tight and sobbed into my shoulder. I realized that I had taken a long time. If I wasn't back soon I would be in so much  trouble. Sometimes Marie could calm him down but not always. I pulled away from my brother and ran into the store with him following. 

"Madison what are you doing?" He asked me.

"Liam please just go I've already taken too much time." I said while grabbing a 12 pack. 

"Maddie I am not letting you go again." He protested. I turned around.

"Liam you have lived without me for 10 years. Just let me go. I have to go. You have done enough." I said. 

"What have I done?" He asked. Tears started to form in his eyes again.

"Please just drop it. John is waiting. He is gonna flip shit when he sees my leg." I said rushing out the door. He followed me. I started to sprint. I made it up the steps and into my house, slamming the door in his face. I placed the beer in the fridge. Marie came in and her jaw dropped.

"Jesus Madison what happened? You are hurt." She said. In this whole household she actually gave a shit about me. She would tend to my wounds and hold me when I was scared. John had 2 friends living with us and they hurt me just as much. She ushered me up the stairs to the bathroom. She was cleaning my cuts. I let a tear fall. "Madison please don't cry. Please. Just tell me what happened. I won't say anything." She told me. I knew she wouldn't tell John. He scared her too. 

"Marie... I saw him today. I was walking to the store and he hit me with his bike on accident  I fell and cut my leg. He recognized me. After 10 years Marie my big brother recognized me. I so scared Marie what if John, or Rob, or Phil find out." I whispered. She pulled me into a hug. She ushered me off to my bed the went to her own. 

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