For Ari, my sister

This is for my sister


1. Ari


               Dear Ari,



      So Ari this is for you. You are like my sister we do everyhting together. Your always there for me  through out everyhting. I knwo there was a little tension between us whe i started dating Devin but we got over it. When he broke up with me i ran up to you in lunch we went in the back and i just cried and cried and you were there comforting me. You were the only person who knew who i felt when Devin started dating katie be both were devistated. The two weeks later they broke up we were happy and he was begin nice to you when i wasnt at school friday. Then when i was taking to avery on the phone saturady i found out he was dating mattie. So i told you and i know htis is gonna be hard for both of us but we will get through it. I love you and no one will ever change that your the bestfriend i could ask for. Thank you :).

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