Musical Love( Zayn FAN FIC)

Find out what truly happens when the music turns on.


1. Music

Anna POV : I've always wanted to become a singer. But it seemed each time I tried I was horrible at it. But I didn't give up. Zayn and me loved acting and singing since we were kids. We promised each other we'll follow our dreams. Zayn-Just because I'm in one direction changes nothing Anna - Yes it does. It means you're the only one who achieved your dream . Here I am just waiting for my chance to come . Zayn - How about you and me go out to the park. And just relax. Anna : Ok. So me and zayn decided to head out to OakHill Park. We sat down on a bench. I looked around and saw flyers flyers !! Could this be my chance !?! I ran over to the tree where it was taped on. Anna : OMG Zayn Get ur ass over here !!!! Zayn : Watch the language . There r kids here you. And what is it ? Anna : Sorry . Look ! Its a flyer for a band. that's Looking for new members !! Zayn : Call the number . An So I did I dialled the number. They said there having a band meeting here at the park on Tuesday. I am so excited
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