Sam is a dorky 16 year old girl. She has four close, best friends. But what happens after a prank at the popular girl, Kayla's, house at a sleepover? Will Sam's life change forever?


1. White Hot

I never got why people say, "Searing white hot pain." Until now. I clutched the foamy, orange, fabric of the gurney. A sharp, stem knife was lodged into my leg. When it dug into my skin, the pain was warm, then stinging, then burning. Like the hottest part of the flame. The white part. How did this happen? The memories were scrambling around in my brain. The paramedics lifted me up into the ambulance. I gritted my teeth together to keep from screaming or crying. "How did you do this?" One of the meds asked. I stared at the girls in designer PJ's, talking to some officers fading into the distance. "We're going to remove the knife on three." My eyes widened. "One, two, three!!" I felt a sharp pain, then everything went black.
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