Sam is a dorky 16 year old girl. She has four close, best friends. But what happens after a prank at the popular girl, Kayla's, house at a sleepover? Will Sam's life change forever?


2. Fake Friends

"Sam, I got an invite!" Kayla, Annie, and Makaela want to have a sleepover!" My mom was drinking coffee l, and I was packing my bookbag. "Ugh, no. They're bit- I mean jerks." Mom glared at me. Well you don't know that. Don't judge a book by its cover. Besides, you're never busy on weekends anyway." "Mother!" I put on my bookbag. "I'm going to RSVP. You are going to that sleepover." She yelled. I groaned and walked out the door. I revved up my purple motorcycle. My parents hated it, but it was my baby. I pulled up into the school parking lot and met up with my four best friends. Karen, Liv, and May. "Hey, girl! Wanna go to the mall after school?" Liv asked excitedly l. I looked at my get. "Actually, I have to go over to Kayla's. My mom is making me sleep over there." I looked at them. They just stared at me. May hugged me. "Well good luck with the little devils." Karen stopped walking. "Wait, you're, actually going to do this?" "What choice do I have?" "You can skip!" "I am not going to skip. My parents will be pissed." I gasped. "Here they come!" The 'Three B!tcheteers' as we called them, walked over. "Hey, Sam! Are you excited for today?" Kayla asked. I shifted uncomfortably. "Um, yeah sure!" I said with fake enthusiasm. My eyes darted in between my best friends and the devils. We looked like we were in a war over me. Only Annie and May were too nice. Well, Annie was kind of nice, but still. "Well, see you tonight. I like your outfit, by the way. Bye Sam." Annie practically had to drag Tue girls away. I looked down at my clothes. I was wearing a purple customized One Direction jersey with white skinny jeans and Converse. My outfit couldn't be any more dorky. We walked into the school. "Well, even though we aren't 100% should go, we'll let you." Makaela said. I nodded. I walked into the school dreading tonight.
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