That day

That one day, Niall thought was perfect . Ellie an Irish girl with blue- green eyes and reddish brown hair. She was eighteen and I have never loved someone so much. She came to England to see me. I had to ask her an important question. Read to find out Niall's question!


2. Truth,or dare?

1hour later:

"so, who wants to play truth or dare?" Harry said, rubbing his hands together while talking. "How ' bout it." Niall said, and everyone else agreed on it. "Ok, so I guess I'll go first!" Said Harry . "Hmm," he said " Ellie truth or dare?" "DARE!" I said. "Wow, brave girl you are , Ellie . I dare you too kiss Niall ." Harry said in a devious voice. " Okie dokie! " I said, and did as I was dared. "Louis!" I said " truth or dare?" And Louis said, " dare ' cause I don't trust you!" He said jokingly. " what is your weakness?" I asked in a very Irish accent. " carrots, duh!" Louis said in a very childish voice. " hmmm , who shall I pick?" Louis said "Niall , truth or dare ?"he said. " dare!" Niall said "yay! I dare you too go run down the hotel hall and say you are a leprechaun with a box of luckycharms!" And Niall did as said and regretted choosing dare. I basically laughed to death! And then Liam's turn came, and after that Zane asked me and u chose truth and he asked how Niall and I met and u said " Well, I was taking a walk with my baby sister and brother who are twins, and Niall ran into me while texting his mom. And we went on a few dates and around three months later and I told him I loved him." I was interrupted by the boys going "oooooooohhhhhh" and I continued, " so he had earlier said something about the Xfactor, whatever that is and I tried finding him. I heard of your band and found you guys, and here I am." And that ended our game of truth or dare. Igot a room next to the guys rooms, and stayed there until morning.


authors note*

okay, I'm soo sorry that the chapters are short. It's just that I'm new to all of this comment what you think I should put in the next chapters !!

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