That day

That one day, Niall thought was perfect . Ellie an Irish girl with blue- green eyes and reddish brown hair. She was eighteen and I have never loved someone so much. She came to England to see me. I had to ask her an important question. Read to find out Niall's question!


3. New room

     Ellie's pov: 


last night the boys and I played truth or dare. I never would have thought that they could be so immature, but the guys are really fun. I made friends with a few if them. But Zayn seems to stay so low-key around me. I wonder what's with him? We also left to their summer home, in california. my first tome in america. Anyways me and Niall started to catch up a bit more. I think he still loves me, too. Louis and I are getting to be good friends, too. He is really cool, but what's with him and carrots? I don't know about you, but they all seem kind of strange too me , but in a good way. " Ellie, love," said Niall. "Yes?" I said. He then said, " come upstairs, we have set up a room for you." I then went up stairs, and I saw niall's shadow in the room. I guess that's my room. When I looked inside, it was very pretty it had seaphone

Green curtains, coral colored walls, a pearl white and purple bead spread not to mention it was three times the size if my normal room back in Ireland and a walk-in closet. It was just beautiful. I hugged Niall, and thanked him so know, considering I just dropped on in with them. I love it here. It was no. Secret that my parents were split up, my father was always getting drunk and beating my family. My mother divorced him, she was so loving to us, but a little after a year latter she had died of breast cancer. For a while, I got better but then my brother got married, and moved to America. I miss him with all my heart, and hope to see him soon.

niall's pov:


i think Ellie liked her room, but she won't be staying in it long. I just got a call Fromm my manager that our tour is off break and our next stop is  st.louis, Missouri . 


* authors note*

i am sorry but the chapters in this book are going to be short, comment what you think so far!!

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