That day

That one day, Niall thought was perfect . Ellie an Irish girl with blue- green eyes and reddish brown hair. She was eighteen and I have never loved someone so much. She came to England to see me. I had to ask her an important question. Read to find out Niall's question!


5. Meet Jessica

               'YAY! you made it here! I missed you so much, Jessica!' said Louis. Jessica was very pretty, she had light brown hair and blue eyes. she was also dating louis, and came to go on tour with the rest of the boys. I have never met jessica, so i guess that going on tour with everyone will help us bond or something like that. 'that jessica girl looks really sweet,louis. and you to look so cute together, how long have you two been dating?' i said/asked. 'well... i think about two months, but we are really close.' Louis said. 'boy do i wish i had a relationship like yours.' i said. louis gave niall a look and walked torwards niall and pushed him in front of me. and walked away... i wonder what that was about? 'um... Ellie i need to talk to you.' Niall said rather hesitantly. 'what is it,Niall?' i asked. 'well.. i umm... i was wondering if you wanted to go out?' Niall said still hesitent. 'YES1!!!' I yelled as i jumped into nialls arms taking him back a bit. right after Niall kissed me on the cheek, louis and jessica walked in with their hands behind their backs and louis asked 'whats new?' sracasticly . i rolled my eyes and asked where everyone else was and louis said that they were all watching scream so we decided to join in and after a while me and jessica became pretty good friends in my opion.



ok so i just decided that with this movella i guess they will just have short chapters so if you dont like it then  dont read it!

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