That day

That one day, Niall thought was perfect . Ellie an Irish girl with blue- green eyes and reddish brown hair. She was eighteen and I have never loved someone so much. She came to England to see me. I had to ask her an important question. Read to find out Niall's question!


4. Darcy

"Ellie, love!" Niall yelled from the bottom of the stairs. I then went down the stairs where Niall was still standing." Yes?" I asked. There is someone here named Darcy here to see you." Niall said. I then ran over to the front door to talk to Darcy "what r you doing here?" I asked " don't yuo rememr I moved to London ! " " I forgot!" I said " we'll I have to go. I will see ya around, Ellie." Then Harry, who just woke up, walked up to us, still half asleep. " oh my god! You are Harry freakin Styles! I love you and the rest of 1Direction!" Darcy said. Then, the rest of the guys came by us and Darcy looked as if she was going to faint she was so excited. Just then, the paparazzi showed up. "Oh shit." Zayn said. Then the rest of the boys noticed the paps. Then Everyone else closed the door and shut the blinds and we invited Darcy in. " so... You guys, are 1Durection."Darcy asked/stated. "Yup!" Niall said.




sorry this was a really crappy chapter but it was a more of a fill in chapter. Anyways, night bros. pleeez tell me if you would like to be in my book so I won't have to skip it. I am so sorry it's been a while but now I'm on summer break and I gots more time!!!! Pleeez leave comments and don't forget to leave info and what part you want to be in on my book

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