In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


3. The Surprise

Dear Louis,

Went to grab some things from my apartment. 

Hopefully Justin won't be there. 

I'll be back soon


Anastacia smiled to herself as she grabbed her purse and out the door and into the outside world.  It had been almost two weeks since she had left Louis' house and frankly, Ana was sick of being cooped up.  She had practically been sleeping more than she had been eating, even though her nightmares were insomnia worthy.  She hailed a cab and gave the driver her address, leaning into the seat and watched the scenery pass by her window.  "Are you okay?" the driver asked, raising an eyebrow as he looked at her through the rear view mirror.  Anastacia shrugged, her expression a mixture between anger and confusion, "Umm yeah?" she answered, not quite sure what the driver was trying to pull.  The cab stopped in front of her apartment and Ana made sure to pay the driver the exact amount, tip not included.  She took out her keys and made her way up the stairs to the 3rd floor and into room 311 and unlocking the door.  "Excuse me miss?" called a voice, footsteps coming closer to Anastacia, making her heart race.  She turned to find two well dressed men, badges in their hands and both somewhat young in years. "Miss, do you live here?" one man asked, a little out of breath from running up the stairs to catch up to her.  "Yes?  Why?  Who are you?" she asked, not really in the mood to deal with the police today.  "I'm detective Poulin, this is detective Wards, we're looking for your roomate Justin Parish.  He's been missing for more than a week now, Mind if I come in?" he asked, not really looking for a yes answer but rather letting himself in to the apartment.  Poulin looked around the apartment, opening drawers, cupboards and refrigerator doors and sighing to himself.  "Is that his handy work?" Poulin asked, pointing to her hands, now scabs, and no longer covered by bandages.  "Yes, we had a fight the last time I was with him," she answered again, showing the detective.  "And this too?" he asked, pointing to her neck.  My neck? What the fu-- Ana turned around facing the mirror that hung on the wall and gasped.  Although they didn't hurt, there were two bite marks that had appeared on her neck, not something that Ana remembered happening at all.  "Didn't take notice?" Wards asked, taking out a camera and snapping photos of her injuries and jotting down notes in his notepad.  Anastacia shook her head, still wracking her brain of how she had gotten the marks.  "Here Miss....?" he waited, taking out a small card from his pocket and handing it to her.  "Anastacia. Anastacia Leighton," she stammered.  "Miss Leighton...If you have any questions or tips that we could possibly use in this investigation, please don't be afraid to call me," he smiled, bowing slightly and walking out the door. 

Anastacia looked in the mirror again, gently rubbing her fingers across the marks on her neck.  They were in the healing process, no more than a few days old and deep in her skin.  She shook her head, trying to forget about the events right now and get in and out of the apartment as quick as possible.  The boxes that were sprawled in her bedroom, were alright slightly packed, some still taped shut from moving from her hometown of Georgia to London.  Her mom's handwriting decorated the box, allowing some of the memories to flood back to her mind.  Anastacia had left her parents, the warm weather and the genuinely nice people that inhabited Georgia.  Her dad was the reason, not her mother or her younger siblings.  Her father Mark Leighton, became an alcoholic after he had returned from the war in Iraq and since then started to take his anger on politics, tragic news events and inner turmoil on Ana and her mom.  She was sick of coming home to find her father passed out on the couch and her mother and younger siblings hiding in their bedrooms, in fear that he might wake up.  And since her mother came from a rich and religious high class family, divorce was out of the question.  So late one night, after she was sure her father was passed out, she took his wallet, tossing his ID on the floor and ran, with only a suitcase full of clothes and necessities.  Her mother later sent out the rest of her belongings, mailing them across the pond and attaching a letter inside, telling her daughter how much they missed her.  Anastacia smiled, packing the last of her things and brought the last of the box to the cab and leaving her spare key on the kitchen island.  She turned and jumped, her body becoming stiff and rigid as she saw a figure in the living room doorway.  The figure swayed slightly, a little uneasy on its feet before turning around to face Ana.  There stood the figure of Justin, his face slightly bruised and his neck a bit broken and askew, but there were the two same bite marks that Ana had on her neck.  "J---Justin?" Ana sputtered, dropping the box on the floor and moving closer to the spirit that stood in her living room.  "HELP ME ANA! HELP ME!" Justin screamed, coming closer to her, his arms out and ready to hold her,  "ANA! I'M SORRY ANA!"  he screamed again, his voice getting louder and louder as he grew closer.  Ana screamed, grabbing her box and out the apartment, slamming the door shut and running to the cab, hoping she'd never have to return there again.

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