In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


8. The Reunion

Anastacia plucked at the loose strands handing from the bottom of her shorts, nervous to be heading back to the place the ran away from.  She had no idea what to expect.  Would her father be gone? Is her mother okay?  Are the children okay?  The questions ran through her head throughout the whole plane ride, and now that they were halfway home, the thoughts became wild illusions.  "Why are you so nervous?" Louis asked, his English accent soothing her slightly, almost as much as the gently touch she received across her thigh.  "I haven't talked to my family since I ran away.  What if they don't want me back?" she asked, looking to him.  Louis rolled his eyes, brushing back a strand of her wavy, brown hair and smiled, "You're their daughter Anastacia. I doubt they will turn their back on you," he assured.  Louis kissed her nose and looked out the window, his red eyes glistening in the sunlight.  "I thought vampires burn in the sunlight?" she asked, moving closer to him, rubbing her fingers gently across his exposed skin.  Louis shrugged, "I thought so to...But honestly the only thing it bothers are my eyes," he grinned, taking out a pair of shades and sliding them on his face, "Just gives me a reason to look more dashing than I already am," he joked.  Anastacia smiled and kissed his neck gently, feeling his body tense as she did so, "You haven't fed," she sighed, rubbing his cheek.  "We've been busy getting ready for the trip, I haven't had the time," he mumbled, shrugging as he turned to her.  Anastacia pulled off the strap of her tank top and turned, wriggling her shoulder blades, "Just make sure it gets hidden well," she smiled.  Louis moved closer, pulling Anastacia on her lap as he kissed her neck gently, sliding his tongue across her skin and sending chills down Ana's back.  He moved his hands around her body, snaking his hands up her thighs and around her waist until he stopped his hands at her chest, squeezing her breasts gently.  Ana moaned, smiling as he sunk his teeth into her skin, a sense of euphoria washing over her.  She could feel his lips caress her skin gently, his teeth gnaw softly at the skin and the slight soreness from the pain of blood leaving her system, but none of this distracted her from the amount of pleasure she was feeling.  Slowly the car came to a halt, in front of a large white house, surrounded by luscious cherry blossom and willow trees.  Louis kissed her neck gently after cleaning up Ana's new wound and wiped his mouth clean of any excess blood.  "Better?" Anastacia asked, fixing her shirt and brushing back her hair.  Louis nodded, putting his sunglasses back on and smiled, "A lot better, thank you Ana, I'll be able to get through the day now" he spoke, his voice sultry.  She opened the car door and jumped out, the heat a shock to her cold skin from sitting in the A/C, although it was familiar to her.  The humidity, the heat in the summer, the smell of cherry blossoms and oranges were all bringing back childhood memories before things got worse.  "Anastacia?" called her mother, who was standing on the porch, her hair up in a beehive and wearing a pink summer dress, something she wore when she was going out to tea with her girlfriends.  "Hi mom" Ana smiled, walking towards the porch and hugging her mother tightly.  "Darlin' I've missed you!  How have you been?  Where have you been?  No never mind, don't tell me, we'll talk over tea," she chirped.  Louis dropped the bags on the front porch, extending a hand to Ana's mother, "Hello Miss Leighton, I'm Louis Tomlinson, it's a pleasure to finally meet you," Louis introduced, taking her hand and kissing her knuckles gently.  "Well, well well, Anastacia you found a good one.  Please Louis, call me Marilyn, a pleasure to meet you as well," she giggled.  Louis stood up straight, grabbing the bags again and flashed a smile, "Shall I bring these inside?" he asked Marilyn, walking towards the door.  "Oh yes! I'm sorry, up the stairs and to the left.  That's Ana's bedroom.  Please make sure you are very quiet, my husband is resting," she instructed, shooing him along and fixing her hair, exposing the small bruises around her wrist.  "Mom...your hand, what the fuck happened?" she asked grabbing it gently and examining the injury.  "Don't swear, you know I hate it when you do that. But it's nothing darling.  I screwed up...I fell and he grabbed me, that's all," she babbled, walking over to the porch swing and sitting on the floral cushions.  "Mom I know you're lying, how bad has he gotten since I've left?" Ana asked, wrapping an arm around her mother's shoulders, rubbing her fingertips on her skin soothingly.  "The usual I guess, but let's not discuss this now please.  I am looking forward to getting to know Louis," she winked, giggling as she tickled her daughters side playfully.  "Ready?" Louis asked, who stood above them brushing back his hair and offering an arm to both women.  "Why yes, of course, we can take the Hudson out if you'd like" Marilyn smiled, taking Louis arm and walking down the stairs.  "Sounds like a great idea, and I will be happy to escort the both of you," Louis offered, making Anastacia blush slightly. 

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