In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


11. Stay

Ana leaned against the window of the airplane, her eyes glazed over as she thought of her mother's final words to her.  "Ana...darling.  Would you like me to get you anything to eat?  It's been a while," Lou offered, his voice small and quiet.  Ana shook her head, not bothering to look up at his face, since it's had the same sorrowful look since the ride to the airport.  Louis brushed back her hair and sighed, "Ana...I'm so sorry for what I did...the pain I caused you," he began, pulling his hand away and wringing them in his shirt.  Ana sniffled, " it's fine....There was nothing to go back to.  I expected things to be different and they only got worse.  It's fine Lou...I never really had a family to go back to in the first place," she mumbled, still not tearing her eyes away from the clouds that passed by in the window.  Louis bowed his head and folded his arms, still ashamed of what he had done.  Anastacia looked to him and sighed, "Now that I think of it, I'm slightly hungry.  Mind getting me some chips or something?"


She didn't remember falling asleep but when she woke she was in Louis' bed, her silk nightgown clinging to her skin with sweat and her hair a ratted mess.  She turned to find Louis, wide eyed and concerned.  "What happened?" she asked, rubbing her head and reaching across her bed to the bed stand, grabbing a glass of water.  "You've been screaming and talking in your sleep Ana....I'm concerned.  Are you okay?" he asked, moving closer to her, kissing her shoulder softly.  "I'm fine Lou....perfectly okay" she lied, taking a drink from her glass once more before turning to  Lou.  "You're lying to me...I can tell," he mumbled against her skin, kissing the sensitive spots on her neck.  "And how can you tell that?" she asked, playfully, wrapping her arms around his waist.  "Your heart races and I can her the blood pumping faster throughout your body,"  he smiled, pulling her on top of him and wrapping his arms around her body, "Tell me," he whispered.  Anastacia sighed and closed her eyes, her mind thinking back to the terrible nightmare she had earlier.  "It seems that whenever someone in my life is taken away from you, they find me.  Terrorize me in my sleep.  And every time I try to run for it, keep it in the back of my mind it gets worse," she sighed, rubbing her fingertips gently across Louis' skin.  Louis sighed, closing his eyes and hugged Anastacia tightly, "I'm sorry," he whispered, his voice shaky.   

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