In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


14. On Your Own

Ana leaned back into the couch, looking towards her grandmother with a shocked expression, "How come I was never told this before?" she asked.  CiCi scrunched up her face, sticking out her tongue childishly, "Because your mother is a religious ninny and didn't want to face the music.  Just like her, your powers started to progress as you grew older and they will only grow stronger.  Although dear, you need to know how to use them properly," she smiled, sitting up and limping over to her bookshelf and taking down a large, dark brown leather book and handing it to her.   Anastacia took the book and smiled, opening up the old book and flipping through the dusty pages, yellow with age.  She read through the book quietly, brushing her fingertips over the neat cursive that was written on it's pages. "Almost every witch in our family have had this book and often making notes of their own.  These will help you and so will the spirits of the other witches.  You have to understand that you know of your true calling, many trials are ahead.  Demons and other creatures of the night will find you.  This book will help you with any troubles that may come," CiCi smiled and sat back in her chair, rubbing her knee.  She smiled at Ana then turned to Louis, "And you...just because I invited you in here and trust you, does not mean I don't know what you are capable of.  If you truly love my granddaughter, you'll protect her.  You hear me?  You better listen to me boy, I know a good spell that will set you straight, you understand?" she asked, her southern accent, thick and threatening.  Louis nodded, a small smile appearing across his perfect lips, "Yes Ma'm" he agreed.  CiCi nodded, "Good.  Now.. Ana, be a doll and help me with supper?" she smiled getting up and walking to the kitchen, her cane in hand.

~~~~The next morning~~~~~

"Ana your mind is cluttered.  Concentrate dear and imagine this candle lit!" CiCi urged, helping her granddaughter.  Ana huffed, extremely tired and fed up with today's magic lesson, although she tried one more time.  She closed her eyes and breathed slowly, chanting the words "See lumen...See Lumen...SEE LUMEN" and suddenly she felt her head get lighter and her face grow cold.  "Ana...Ana open your eyes," whispered Louis as he stood up turning around slowly.  Ana opened her eyes slowly and gasped, noticing that not only the candle sitting in front of her had lit as well, but the candles that were scattered around the house were also lit.  CiCi slapped her knee, laughing, "See! I knew it!  This power you have is growing stronger!" she grinned, getting up from the floor.  Ana sat up and followed, a little light headed as she moved her way to the kitchen where she found her grandmother, standing stunned in the kitchen.  There stood a man, a torn leather jacket in his hands and his claws bared threateningly.  "Nice to see you again CiCi...Who's your new friend?" the man asked again, his golden eyes scanning Anastacia.  "Ana dear...turn around and grab the book and leave.  I'll take care of him," she ordered, her voice low.  "Gram I'm not leaving without you," Ana spoke darkly, taking her grandmother's hand moving forward.  "Well since your staying I might as well make myself known.  I'm and your grandma go waay back," he chuckled, leaning against the counter and grabbing an apple from the fruit bowl, taking a bite from it.  Ana noticed his teeth, sharp and colored red from the blood of a previous victim.  "CiCi...I told you I would be back for her.  One day. Today's the day," he smiled, his claws bared again as he stepped forward.  Ana closed her eyes as she witnessed him jump forward for the kill, waiting for the pain to strike...but it didn't.  She opened one eye as she noticed Derek, blocked from some type of unknown forcefield that both CiCi had created. Suddenly Louis lunged forward, punching him in the gut before forcing his fist through Derek's chest and pulling out his heart, still beating.  Ana let go of her grandmother's hand and walked over to Louis, who was on the floor, his eyes a bright red and full of anger.  "Lou...Lou. It's okay," she assured, kissing his neck softly and rubbing his shoulders, trying her hardest to bring him back from his bloodlust trance.  Lou breathed heavily, closing his eyes as she shook his head, "I'll be alright," he nodded, dropping Derek's heart that he was clenching on to and resting against the cupboards.  Ana smiled and turned to her grandmother who was unconscious on the floor.  "Gram!  Gram!" she yelled, crawling over to her grandmother and holding her head in her lap.  CiCi opened her eyes and smiled, "I'm so proud of you," she smiled, rubbing her granddaughters cheek.  "Come on Gram, get up I'm taking you to the hospital.  Louis, go start the car," she ordered.  CiCi shook her head, "No Ana.  This is where my journey ends and yours begins.  Take the book and go.  Read it. Practice it and you'll learn.  You're on your own now love...Be safe," she smiled before her eyes glazed over and became empty.  Ana shook her grandmother once more before bursting into tears, picking her up and bringing her to her bed, covering her with the sheets and falling to the floor.  

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