In The Dark Of The Night

When Anastacia moves to the city of London to rid herself of adult responsibilities and experience the nightlife, she meets Louis, a dark handsome man that owns the night club down the road. But when she's eerily drawn to him and starts to lose valuable memories she questions who he really is...


4. Lies

Ana got out of the cab, grabbing her boxes from the car, making a couple of trips before slamming the trunk shut and paying the driver.  Anastacia stormed to the door, knowing well that it was always unlocked and stomped her way inside.

"Louis?  Lou!  Get out here now!" she called, slamming the apartment door shut and running up the staircase.  She huffed as she stopped dead center of the living room to find Louis, his mouth connected to a young woman's neck, trickles of blood sliding down her skin.  Anastacia gasped, dropping her purse to the floor and backing up slowly, afraid to make any quick movements.  "Ana I can explain..." he began, wiping his mouth and tossing the now, dead body aside, running to her.  Anastacia turned, running as fast as she could down the stairs, hoping she would make it to the door before Louis caught up with her.  But suddenly the door was locked, and there stood Louis, his dark black eyes almost pleading, "Ana please listen to me," he began again.  Ana shook her head, punching him as hard as he could across the face before trying to push by him and out the door.  Louis grabbed her tightly, becoming frustrated with Anastacia's antics and bringing her up the stairs, tossing her on the couch.  He huffed, watching her as Anastacia struggled to get herself off the couch but she couldn't.  Her bones were rigid and non moving, immobilized from the waist down.  "What's going on?" Ana asked, her heart racing, yet again preparing herself for the worse as she looked down to the floor to find the unknown woman, her neck punctured as the two bite marks poured left over blood.  " need to listen to me.  You're fine.  I'm not going to hurt you I promise, all you need to do is listen to me.  Give me a chance," he started.  Louis sighed, rubbing his temples slowly as he opened his mouth to speak, his lips stained with dry blood, "I'm apologize...I thought you wouldn't be home for a while.  Although you should know the truth about me.  I'm Louis Tomlinson and I was born on December 21, 1921. I was 21 when I had to help my family with money, so I got a job in a local factory where I worked for a few months.  I remember leaving work early due to the fact that my fever had gotten worse and they couldn't afford any more people sick with the flu. It was cold and dark and the only person who I could make out was a young woman, who looked like she was more frozen and sick than I was.  I went over to her, asked her name and if she was okay, needed a place to stay.  She just looked up at me with these dark red eyes and that's all I could remember.  The next morning I woke up...this aching hunger that normal food couldn't suppress...I killed the ones that I loved and many other innocent people before I learned how to control it," he sighed, hiding his face in his hands.  "Then what about my bites?" Ana asked, too afraid to hear the answer come from his bloody mouth.  Louis looked up, his face slightly pink as if he was embarrassed to answer.  "...Well I was curious I guess...You were in and out of sleep and well I just took a sip," he chuckled before looking into Anastacia's eyes and muffling the soft laugh.  "Is that why you kept me here?  So you could feed off of me?  Then finish me off like you did that girl?" she asked, looking down at the blonde.  Louis shook his head, rubbing her knee gently, "Ana you know that's not true, I like you.  You're special...And could have left with every day you spent here.  I wasn't holding you here.  And if you still want to leave then," he started, standing up and moving aside.  Anastacia's body twitched and suddenly she was able to move, her body free from being restrained.  She stood, wobbly at first then ran, towards the door and out into the street. 

Stay away from him Ana!  He's dangerous Ana

"Go away Justin!" she hissed to herself, shoving his voice out of her head and walked towards the local park.  Anastacia walked to the swings, sat on the first open one and swung back and forth,  "Miss Leighton?" called a familiar voice from behind her.  She turned to find Officer Ward, his pudgy body walking towards her, his badge gleaming.  "Yes?" she answered, sitting up from the swing and turning to him.  "Miss Anastacia Leighton you are under arrest for the death of Justin Parish," began Officer Ward, turning her around and clicking the handcuffs on her wrist as he walked her to his police car.  "This is bullshit!  Where's the proof?" she asked, anger boiling in her veins as he bowed her head and helped her into the car. 

After an hour of explaining her story in every way shape or form, Officer Poulin stood against the wall of the small room, unsatisfied.  "So you were almost raped and beaten and yet you didn't call the police? Filed a report?" he asked, tapping his foot against the floor.  Anstacia shook her head, wiping back tears, "It didn't happen so what was the point? He took me outside, and tried to have his way with me.  If someone wasn't there to save me..." she started immediately regretting the fact that she had brought up Louis.  "Who saved you Miss Leighton?" Poulin asked, sitting down at the table in front of her and pressed the question again.  "Louis Tomlinson," she spoke softly, looking down at her hands, the scabs now completely healed, but still a reminder of Justin's actions.  "That's wonderful Miss Leighton.  But would you like to tell us the truth?  There is no such name in our system as a Louis Tomlinson...It says here that the only Louis Tomlinson died in the 1940's," he scoffed, folding his arms and leaning back in the chair.  Anastacia shrugged, "Then I don't know what to tell you then," she explained sarcastically, through with answering their questions.  "So you're content with his death?  A poor woman found his mangled body in the back of an abandoned car at the same club you went to," he pressed.  Anastacia shrugged, "Whoever did it, did me a favor," she huffed.  Officer Poulin sighed, "Wrong thing to say Miss Leighton," he mumbled, taking her and leading her to a single cell.  What felt like hours later, there stood Ward, his face in a sort of daze as he unlocked her cell, her handcuffs and letting her go.  "Ana?" called Louis, smiling bright as came up to her, hugging her tightly, "Let's go, I only hypnotized him for a quick moment, he'll snap out of it soon," he hurried, holding her hand and running out of the station.  "Thank you," Anastacia smiled, hoping that he would take it as an apology too.  "Don't mention it Ana...Let's go home," he smiled.

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